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Ullern Escorts

Ullern is a district of the City of Oslo, situated in the north west of the Olso region. The name of Ullern derives from a farm of the same name, that was named from the Norse god, Ullr, with the addition of vin, meaning ‘meadow’. The south part of Ullern sits on the coast of the Inner Oslofjord, facing the green peninsula of Bygdøy, so with such glorious views, it is little wonder why the Ullern district is an attractive location for visiting Ullern escorts.

Ullern is very accessible for those driving to the region looking to meet an escort in Ullern. To the south of Ullern runs the E18 European road, and running through the middle in the same direction, the 150 main road passes through Ullern, eventually forming a junction to the E18 in the south west just outside of the district.

Things to do in Ullern

If you are looking to kill some time before meeting a Ullern escort, you could always visit the Viglelandsparken, a famous sculpture park. The park serves as a sort of open air art studio, housing the works of the amazing sculptor, Gustav Vigeland, who modeled all of these amazing works of art, in full size, without any intervention of anyone else. The most prominent of his works it the Monolith, a 14-metre high sculpture carved our of a single piece of stone, consisting of 121 human figures portraying the struggle of existence. This huge erection would definitely impress on of the escorts in Ullern.

Another attraction of a similar theme is the Vigeland Museum, beginning in 1919 when the said famous sculptor, Gustav Vigeland agreed to donate some of his works in the future. Vigeland’s works were not limited down to sculptures, they also consisted of sketches, drawings, photographs and wood carvings, all of which can be viewed in this fascinating venue. The museum was built in 1921, when a contract was agreed between Vigeland and the Oslo district, of whom hired two architects to design and construct this neo-classical building. If you meet an Ullern escort with an appreciation of art, you should mention this location.

Ullern Escort Discretion

One thing you need not be concerned about when meeting an escort in Ullern is your privacy, as the Ullern escorts are discreet, professional service providers, and understand that the privacy of their clients is paramount.

Don’t forget that discretion works both ways, and the escorts in Ullern also depend on the discretion of their clients so that they may provide their services in peace.

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