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Saltdal Escorts

Saltdal is municipality of the county of Nordland in the Traditional District of Salten. The administrative offices of Saltdal are located within the village of Rognan, and other villages that form this municipality include Røkland and Lønsdal. For clients in the area of Saltdal looking to hook up with one of the Saltdal escorts, E06 European route runs right from the north of Saltdal to the south, almost centrally, with a tributary route 77 road forking off to the east, crossing the Norway border into Sweden.

The village of Rognan is situated on the south shore of the Saltdalsfjorden where the valley within Saltdal meets the fjord, just north of the Arctic Circle. Given that Saltdal is surrounded by mountains in all directions, it is one of the driest regions in Norway, and due to its location within a valley, Saltdal has the warmest Summers in the area too, although the winters can be quite harsh, reaching temperatures of -20 degrees. All the more reason to wrap up warm with a Saltdal escort!

The History of Saltdal

The Germans had captured much of Norway during the Second World War, and Saltdal was of no exception. It was at this time the Nordland Line, that runs from Trondheim to to Bodø, was extended by the Germans; at the time, the line ran from Lønsdal northwards, and the line was intended to be built to reach Kirkenes, but it was only built as far as Bødo. The Nordland Line is the longest railway system in Norway and the only line that crosses the Arctic Circle, very handy for meeting escorts in Saltdal!

The Germans also used prisoners of war to extend a road through Saltdal to Kirkenes and managed to achieve this. The prisoners, mainly from Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union, were building under extremely harsh conditions and many collapsed and died from a lack of food. This road is nicknamed ‘ The Bloodroad’ after one of the prisoners drew a red cross on the mountainside by the road in his dead friend’s blood, and this infamous event has created a tradition in Saltdal whereby people paint a red cross on the same spot in red paint to remind people passing by of this tragic event.

Make Love, Not War, with an Escort in Saltdal

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