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Røst Escorts

Røst is a municipality in the county of Nordland within the Traditional District of Lofoten, of which its govenment office is in the village of Røstlandet. The region is named after the village of Røstlandet, and the word ‘Røst’ derives from the Old Norse word rǫst, meaning ‘maelstrom’. Røst is built up of a group of many islands and islets, situated a few kilometres off the western coast of the Norway mainland, accessed by ferry that travels along the riksveg 80 route.

If you want to impress an escort in Røst with some local knowledge, legend has it that long ago, three brothers could turn themselves into shags, and this tale is eternalised in the form of the Røst coat-of-arms, portraying the three black birds on a white shield.

Facts About Røst

In 1432, the natives of Røst had rescued a Venetian sea captain of the name of Pietro Querini, who had been shipwrecked. Querini had returned given an extensive account of his experiences on the island, describing the people of Røst as ‘harmonious and pious’. He also describes how the people made a modest living from fishing (especially cod) and also from agriculture too.

If you want to melt the heart of one of the Røst escorts, you could always tell them about the adorable dogs that originate from Røst and surrounding islands, the Norwegian puffin dog, also known as the ‘lundehund’, named as such as they were bred specifically to hunt puffins that populate the island. These dogs have flexible joints and extra toes, enabling them to access the otherwise inaccessible nesting spots on cliffs and caves. Speaking of puffins, Røst is home to the largest sea bird colonies in Norway, rife with Atlantic puffins and sea shags.

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