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Lurøy Escorts

Lurøy is a municipality of the county of Nordland, part of the Helgeland Traditional Region, of which its administration office is based in the village of the same name. The district of Lurøy is made up of a group three main islands, Lurøya, Stigen, Aldra, Onøya and a part of Hestmona, and includes a chain of many small islands and a section of the western part of the Norway mainland. The village of Lurøy is situated on one of the main, larger islands, Lurøya. Lurøya is connected to the southern main island of Onøya by a narrow passage of which the Fv402 road runs along, which is a relief for those traveling to meet a lovely Lurøy escort.

Lurøy was named after the village of which the municipal administration office is located within, as this is where the first church of the district was founded. The name of Lurøy derives from Old Norse, of which lúðr, means ‘hollowed log’ and øy, meaning ‘island’. When you have met one of the Lurøy escorts, you will feel anything but hollow!

The Lurøy Fisherman Cabins

If you are visiting one of the escorts in Lurøy and you are a keen fisher, you will be in paradise here. The region of Lurøy is made of many small islands with mountain ranges sat on the crystal, blue waters of the Norwegian Sea, offering a spectacular view when enjoy the tranquility of nature. There are many species of fish in these Norwegian waters, and if you are going to be making a fishing holiday of it, you could stay awhile in the Lurøy Fisherman Cabins.

These cabins offer a high standard of accommodation with modern facilities, so if you need to connect to the ‘real world’ you will be able to do so here, with a local shop and the ferry terminal at just a short walking distance, meaning that when you do want to go to the mainland to meet a lovely Lurøy escort, you don’t need to go too far.

No Complications

For those that enjoy spending the time and companionship of an escort in Lurøy, they will understand that there are no complications whatsoever. You are paying for the time and company of the Lurøy escorts, meaning that once you have connected for the duration of the appointment, you can leave feeling refreshed and invigorated, without having to worry about any follow up calls or consequences.

Escorts in Lurøy are there at your beckoned call, so you whenever you need some company, you just need to ring up and agree a time and date, meeting a Lurøy escort when it is most convenient for you.

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