Clients, We are Moving Home – XEscorts is Coming!

During May, Escort Norway will be merged with Escort Sweden, England,and Wales to become a new site called XEscorts in a move which is going to revolutionise the European escort scene.

Muscular man kissing the belly of hot woman in sexy lingerie

XEscorts is going to offer clients like you escorts and masseuses from all around Europe in one easy to use platform. This is going to give you much more choice when it comes to who you want to see, as there are so many more escorts at your fingertips.

Still, just like any major change, you will surely have some questions. Well, I hope I can answer them below.

Major Questions

Will I have to create a new account?

No, your account from this site will allow you to sign into XEscorts with your current details.

Will we still showcase escorts in the same locations?

All countries will keep the main locations and major cities.

Will there be so many escorts that it makes the site unworkable?

Each country will have a specific section of the site so navigation is easy.

Can I have a shortlist of escorts I like?

Oh yes! You can do that, save searches, and get updates of arrivals near you. You will keep most of the same functionalities that you love about this site also.

I like to get my companions from an agency. Do you have them?

It depends on the legal status of agencies in the country. England and Wales yes and they will be coming soon. Norway and Sweden is a no.

Will the same escorts be on the new site?

We anticipate most, if not all escorts will transfer to the new platform. And as the site becomes more popular due to its size, we will see even more companions joining the revolution.

Our Promise To You

At Escort Advertising, we make it our mission to bring both clients and escorts the best industry experience available. We hope to see you over on the new site, where we intend to put an even bigger smile on your face than we have done previously!

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