Escorts, We are Moving – XEscorts is Coming!

The revolution is almost upon us. During May, our new site XEscorts will be launching, as we strive to give escort, masseuse, and client the best customer experience available in the industry.

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XEscorts will be a merger of our English, Welsh, Swedish, and Norwegian sites. This means that the site we are on will no longer be available, but will instead be moving to somewhere bigger and better.

The Benefits

The benefits of our current platforms will be there, including 24/7 customer service, but there are now some new and improved features coming your way.

For those working in the industry, standard adverts will be free, unless you want to upgrade to a TOP Advert or an ‘Available Now’ to gain more visibility.

You will now be able to advertise in as many countries as you like, and move between them without it affecting your advert. This is a big plus as it offers up so many new clients for you across Europe.

When it comes to creating your new account on the new site, it has become so much easier. We have ‘Express Advert Creation’ which means your new profile can now be done in five minutes.

Another bonus is that XEscorts has a self service platform, so if you feel confident then you can cut out the middleman and set up your tours yourself, which offers lots of freedom for many. We also have 24/7 multi-language support.

Still, there will be some questions you may well have, so because of that, we intend to answer them.

Big Questions

Do I have to create a new account?

No, your existing account will allow you to sign into XEscorts with your current details.

Is Joining Free?


How will it affect my visibility?

Not only will you get the clients from the site, you will get more from around the world. This is great for your profile.

Will there be too many escorts which affects how many people see me?

Each country will have a section, so there is no worry of over-saturation.

Will I get a refund on my tour when the site changes if I have an active advert?

Yes, any outstanding credit will be transferred to the new site.

Are Escort Agencies Welcome?

Due to law, we welcome them in England and Wales and they will be coming soon. This is not the case in Sweden or Norway.

Our Pledge

At Escort Advertising, we continually strive do everything we can to help you maximise your business. We believe this is the next huge step in that journey, and of course, we hope you come along with us.

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