Why You Should’nt Get Drunk When Seeing Escorts

There is nothing wrong with encountering an escort, you pay for her services to enjoy your time with her. However, there are circumstances when it isn’t the right time for you to call her. One of the big issues is calling an escort while you’re drunk.

Man with head on table after a drink
Drunk man fell asleep at the table in restaurant.

You have to remember that escorts are professional business women, and on top of that, human beings. When you start to treat them anything lower than that, you’ll be sure that the escort will have you on her list of blocked numbers.

I’m not saying that you are one of those guys who feel like you have the privilege to treat the service workers like dirt. However, you still have to be aware of yourself, when you’re with someone you’ve hired to fulfill your pleasures.

Gentlemen, I’m going to explain to you why it is NOT OK to see an escort when you’re drunk.

Losing control of yourself

We all know what happens to us when we pass the limit that our livers can handle. C’mon, we’re not 14 years old anymore, when we thought we can rule the world with the power of alcohol. You know that you start to change, your inhibitions are looser than when you are sober and you are more susceptible to act on random impulses.

An escort will not accept your call if the situation puts her personal safety at risk.

She wouldn’t want to get involved in a situation where you start to develop some erratic behaviour, or the possibility of acting violent. Even if you’re not one to get savage when drunk, there is the chance you will act out certain kinds of urges on an escort she does not conform to.

For example, if she doesn’t perform anal sex in her services, you do not perform anal sex on her no matter what. If she refuses and you start to get angry, that’s when red flags are being sent off, and she will end the meeting immediately.

Going forward with safety, the risk of unprotected sex is a factor that escorts will definitely want to avoid. The amount of people who still proceed into having sex without having a condom, while intoxicated is still at large, Most of the time it’s because they don’t want to miss the heat of the moment.

I may start to sound grim here, but it’s another thing to point out. If you’re hands are dirty from all the booze and cuts you may receive from breaking your glasses, an escort will refuse you to put her hands anywhere near her regions. She wouldn’t want to obtain some kind of infection that will stall her business, due to her going down to the clinic to receive some antibiotics.

‘Dude, take a shower.’

Let’s not forget that pungent smell you get when you have been downing a few shots. I think this factor is more focused on personal hygiene, it’s not particularly sexy when you’re on top of your companion, and your body is just sweating all the alcohol out of your system. The sex wouldn’t be that great if she’s not enjoying it…she might even dry up like a prune down there.

Don’t let your identity slip

Now this is in reference to your own personal well-being as well as the escort’s.

If you’re out with your friends and you decide to get your phone out, you’ll end up speaking so loudly to your escort, that people who live a couple of blocks down from the club can hear you trying to arrange a meet up. Your intoxicated arrangement will not end well.

You don’t want your friends to hear about your intimate deeds with an escort, leading to them gossiping about you. What if they were work-colleagues that you go out with on a Friday night? You’ll blow away your anonymity that you try to keep away from your peers and bosses.

This is what escorts will avoid too. If you call her to come and meet you on a rowdy street, don’t you think it would look quite suspicious? They don’t want to be around anyone else that isn’t involved in your rendezvous, particularly when she might bump into someone she may know on the street, and get her identity blown.

I know that this reason isn’t as familiar as the risk of physical violence, uncleanliness, or other forms of unwanted touch. Nonetheless, I cannot stress the importance of keeping your anonymity intact, when having encounters with an escort.

I know when I’m drunk, I get quite honest when chatting with people. Such as telling my friends all the kinks I like, or telling one guy he’s acting like a douchebag, when he’s being cocky with me.

Exposing yourself as a punter surrounded by people you know is not something that would get you put on a pedestal, due to the stigma that is still going around with escorting and it’s business. You may find yourself in a worse situation where there are people around you who are extremely against the industry, and you may end up with some unwanted contact yourself. Furthermore, imagine if the escort was with you at a time when a situation like that occurs, it wouldn’t just be your well-being or life in danger…

Putting aside all the negative aspects I’ve noted in this article, it’s still ok to have a drink with your companion when getting involved in your meeting. A lot of clients often ask to see their escorts on dinner dates at a fancy restaurants, and they will join you on a glass of wine if you ask her to drink with you. But you just have to be aware that if you do go over your limit, it’s not just you that is affected.

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