Why Seeing an Escort When Drunk Is a Bad Idea

There’s a difference between one drink and the whole bottle especially when it’s show time. Nerves can cause you to overindulge in ‘creature comforts’ like drinking. You may feel like you’re loosening up and getting in the mood. Yet there’s a fine line between carefree and careless that at some point you’re bound to stumble over if and when you drink to excess.

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A rendezvous with an escort can be affected by having a drink. Sure, it may only be one or two beers. But if she isn’t drinking, dude, let’s face it, you’re drinking alone. If that doesn’t bother you this may: It’s as if you’ve put more distance between the two of you even though you two are closer than you’ve ever been.
I’m not out to bust your balls but listen, you’re not out for this date with fate to turn into a bust. So let’s review some fresh facts.

1. FACT: Most escorts won’t see you if you’re drunk

It’s a precaution they must take in order to protect themselves from not knowing if you know how to handle your liquor. You can’t blame them. They’re there for you when you’re there for you. But if you’re not here for you, don’t expect her to be!

2. Seeing an escort is like going to a specialist, a sexy specialist

When you go to the dentist, you brush your teeth. When you go to the OBGYN as a woman, you wash your ass. It’s a common courtesy to the specialist to show up fresh, clean and focused so they can do their job.

3. Seeing an escort is an investment of time, energy and money

Imagine you’re at the opening day of the sexy Olympics. You’re about to perform for the gold. You treat your body with the utmost respect because it’s the vehicle that you’ll arrive with at the finish line. You don’t put crap into your gas tank before a road trip, you put fuel. Know the difference.

4. Seeing an escort is a present so remain present! Drinking is a slippery slope

It’s about knowing when to say when so that your senses are heightened and not dulled. Explore the difference by enjoying just one glass of wine and slightly touching yourself. Notice how the drink magnifies your touch. After a couple more drinks, the sensation may still feel heightened yet your motor skills, reflexes and decision making skills are now affected.

5. Drinking to get drunk is amateur hour

Plus when you drink to get drunk you set your cock up for performance issues! You’re paying top notch prices for an erotic, angelic professional so don’t depreciate this delicacy but diluting its pure potential.

6. Drinking can change you into a Jekyll & Hyde

There is a drink limit that is a game changer. I call it the Jekyll & Hyde drink. After that precarious drink, the entire perception of your personality changes. You start talking excessively loud, hitting things over accidentally, stumbling and making a fool out of yourself. Drinking until you change into Mr. Hyde is a turn off to someone whose job is to turn you on.

7. Drinking is not delicious to someone who hasn’t

Has your lover ever eaten a garlic dish but you didn’t? Then they fall asleep next to you and proceed to breathe garlic on you all night? Are you a smoker and your lover isn’t and they’ve tried to tell you how you taste? What we put into our body comes out of our orifices and pores. Be aware that being drunk may affect the quality of energy your lover is willing to share.

8. But Dock Ellis pitched a no-hitter on LSD!

Yeah, yeah, yeah and Robert Louis Stevenson wrote the classic Treasure Island in a week on a cocaine binge. We can point fingers all day long trying to justify that functioning addicts still get epic shit done. But at the end of the day, with a professional erotic escort, trust that you have the most potent drug of all!

Having a drink to heighten your senses is one thing. Drinking until you change into Mr. Hyde is amateur hour. You’re putting time, energy and money into a sexy specialist so give the best of yourself. Be mindful of what you put into your body because it does affect you and your lover’s performance. Lest I remind you, you’re already at the love doctor. Leave it to her to administer the drug you came for, kinky sex!

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