Why is Seeing an Escort Better Than Having an Affair?

Let’s be really real right now. There are different types of sex. Sometimes there’s love in the sex but most of the time it’s just sex. We are primal creatures with raging hormones and curious fetishes that deserve to be exercised.

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Sexy body nude woman. Naked beautiful girl.

Repressing these urges isn’t healthy. Going to a sex specialist is like going directly to the sexy mechanic for a tune up. Why should you settle for less when you deserve their specialty?

Having a date with an escort is clean no matter how dirty you get. No emotions get involved and you get to exercise those inner desires with a sexual gymnast. Whatever kink or fetish you’re seeking to explore, you can make sure that she’s game by checking out her full services.

Once your time with her is up, you’re out the door and there are no strings attached. You feel rejuvenated, relieved and relaxed! Take a deep breath and smile, you’ve made a smart and sexy decision.

An escort is fine with the relationship being strictly about sex and you getting off

Let’s pretend for a moment that you chose to have an affair instead of a date with an escort. Maybe you found an energetic partner with whom you can explore a kink with and who says, “Its okay that you’re seeing someone else!” Maybe she even says, “I’m seeing someone else too, no problem!” FACT: Everyone says no problem until there is a problem.

Proceed with caution. Move forward with this affair and you’re setting yourself up for disaster. Feelings could develop. You two could start texting each other and forming an emotional bond that’ll start sending distress signals to both of your committed relationships.

When you start flirting and seeing someone consistently now one or both of you may start confusing the sex in your affair for love. An affair can throw a wrench into the works of your primary relationship yet a sexy mechanic of an escort would never do that.

Don’t complicate getting your rocks off. It’s something that can be so easy and accessible if and when you go directly to the kinky source of escorts. An escort will always be happy to see you again and she’ll wait patiently until you’re ready to return. There’s no annoying text messages or suspicious phone calls asking for more than you’re willing to give. She knows that you know where she is if and when you want her again.

Let it be just sex with someone who knows it’s just sex

When you know what you need, when you know what you want and when you know where you can get the good stuff, don’t settle for the stress of less. When you want to get off don’t get on someone who take you for an emotional ride. Get on someone who’ll take you for a kinky ride, get you off and know that what you shared was all there is and that’s enough.

Why is it better to see an escort than have an affair? An escort specializes in the art of sex therapy without the complications of emotional attachment. Get off and leave, then rinse, lather and repeat when necessary.

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2 thoughts on “Why is Seeing an Escort Better Than Having an Affair?”

  1. Forskjellen når ser en eskorte og noen som ikke er en eskorte er hjelper.
    Hvis du er juks med en eskorte, må du ringe og betale for sex, ingen flere problemer.
    Når ser en kvinne, har du mange meldinger, du sniker rundt, du betaler penger ut for ikke seksuelle ting som mat, drikke og andre elementer.
    Det er en større sjanse for å bli tatt å ha sex med en jente naboen enn en eskorte naboen.

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