Why do Guys like Transexuals?

There has always been a curiosity to finding out the reason behind a male’attraction to a transexual woman…or a trans woman…or a she male…whatever you want to label them as.


For those of you who are still puzzled on what the term means, a transexual is a person who is experiencing a gender identity that isn’t consistent with the sex that they are born in. It’s the same term for a transgender person, but the main difference us that transexuals proceed with the permanent transition to change their sex, in order for it to align with their chosen gender.

Statistics has shown a rapid increase in contact and image requests for transexual women by men for the past two decades. However, no one out in the public understands what draws a man to bed with an alluring, sensual transexual.

Some men who have a keen eye for one wouldn’t openly admit it to anyone else due to some stigma behind the appeal – we’ll talk more about that later.

Nonetheless, some practical theories have been emerged from many transexual women who have shared their experiences with straight men, and have came up with their own conclusions to what gets a man to take their intimate activities into the bedroom.

What makes a transexual sexy?

Let’s start off with the understanding of why men want to change into transexual women, this is simply because they want to be women. They crave to be women more than genetic women in all possibility. This statement can give us a factor on why some men have this particular kink. The idea that a gentlemen wants to be with a woman, who really loves being a woman, refers back to the gender identity that numerous transexuals maintains.

A lot of heterosexual men want to enjoy their time with a woman who embraces their femininity. These are the kinds of women who wants to get their nails painted, wear their favourite red lipstick and walk around town glamourously in Jimmy Choo stilettos. When it comes to a transexual woman, they do not take their femininity for granted. This statement brings in the debate that trans women cherish the gender role more than cis women (a woman who is happy in her own body and with her own sexual organs) do.

Other men have also confessed that they have a fetish of consorting with a she male. Some say that they get the notion of being sexually deviant when getting involved with one.

This is possibly related to the debate of what is deemed as socially acceptable – for this case, the issue is still up in the air.

Thai ‘Ladyboys’ are often picked on for headline posts about a man’s adventure off to Far-East Asia, getting involved in an intimate rendezvous after meeting them at the local bar. To be honest though, you wouldn’t even know if a Thai lady, or ANY lady, is genuine or a trans. Their beauty and physique just shows how much they cherish their feminine aspects.

Moving forward, the knock-on-effect of having a transexual sleeping with a straight guy often leaves them feeling like he’s ‘more than a man’.

This subject can be left open to debate as there are many biased views on what a guy would be thinking about thrusting himself inside a she male. However, a lot of men confessed to transexuals that previous encounters with genetic women don’t make them feel…well…how a man should feel.

Again, this is open for debate.

The ‘G’ Word

Now this question has popped up in the heads of many guys that gets confused about their sexuality:

‘If I like transexual women, does this mean I’m gay?’

Let me answer that question for you: No.

Why do gay men fuck other men? Because they are men. Their sexual preferences attract them to guys who are into their masculine traits. There aren’t a lot of gay men who would do it with a trans woman, simply because they are not turned on by their feminine attributes.

Sorting the confusion out, sexual orientation refers to who you want to fuck with in bed, gender identity refers to who you want to wake up in the morning as.

At the end of the day, a transexual woman is no different to a genuine woman. You have to remember that guys don’t always look for specific things that make up their ideal lady to go to bed with. A numerous amount of them are more than happy to focus on the physical aspects of what makes a woman (or another man) a woman.

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