Why Are Transexual’s Becoming more Popular?

The world is a funny place. Once upon a time the perception of transexuals was so archaically skewed that any public acknowledgement was, at best, tabooed. Way back when, the most people understood about transexual behaviour was a faint curiosity to the other sex usually expressed in drag or a general interest in their mother’s clothes.

Transexual on couch

Now, however, transexuals are not only a big part of our society, but also a big part of our sexual appetites. A quick look at any porn site will show how the appeal of transexuals has become a ubiquitous thing across many Western countries. Of course, we’re still not at the point where a straight man will openly declare an attraction to transexuals in front of his mates. But it’s enough to say that behind closed doors and underneath the veneer of masculinity, there is the certain curiosity and inclination toward this type of sexual exploration (and the popularity of our TS escorts is clear evidence of this).

Multiple Factors

What’s behind this growth in attraction? Well, there could of course be multiple factors. Firstly, we now live in a liberal 21st century society, which is a far-distant relation to its 20th century brother. Whereas once the meaning behind Queen’s “I Want to Break Free” was abundantly oblique to most men, it now seems pretty glaringly obvious. Transexuals have always been closely associated with homosexuality, and have been burnt with the exact same stigma in the past decades. Overtime, however, there has been a dramatic shift in the perceptions of homosexuality – and they are no longer the marginalised black sheep.

Transexual looks under covers at nervous man

But perhaps the reasons behind this growth in attraction are far less cognitive and a lot more carnival. It would be hard to disagree that the 21st century society is the most lascivious in its sexual desires and vivacious in its sexual appetite. We’re far more secular, far more prepared to flash our stuff on TV and the internet, and boasting a high libido is no longer received with a Victorian-esque frown and a snubbed nose.

Pushing Boundaries

Basically, it could just be down to guys wanting to get their end away, and anything to push the boundary that much more is only going to delight the sexual imagination. Where once in a sexually inhibited age, a woman showing her ankle would be received in breathless gasps, these days a woman showing pretty much everything on TV barely receives a complimentary glance.
Essentially – we’re always trying to find new ways to push the line, and perhaps transexuals are just the next forbidden fruit for men to engage in, like a stimulating taboo that they must break after having finally done anal for the first time.

It could be either one of these things, or it could be a combination of all. It would probably be no surprise that somebody harbouring homosexual desires would first navigate towards a transexual. But it might be too redundant to talk about it like homosexual behaviour – maybe it is simply about trying to find the new naughty thing to do, that will stimulate the imagination and break society’s rules.

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Anna Smith

Anna Smith

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Anna Smith

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