What Not To Do On An Escort Date!

Sometimes you can find yourself so nervous when you go on a date with an escort that you make mistakes, and most of the time the escort you are spending time with will be understanding about that. After all, you’re only human.
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However, sometimes clients won’t think about the things they do or say on an escort date, and that can lead to things becoming awkward. Here on the Escort Norway blog we have this handy guide to explain the things that you shouldn’t do on a date with an escort.

Arriving late

We get it – sometimes things will happen on your way to meet an escort that you end up being late. It could be getting held back with one last job at work, or even simply heavy traffic keeping you away, but this is something that many escorts will find incredibly frustrating.

Why is it frustrating to them? Well, sometimes clients will arrive late and then still expect an appointment, even if they arrive a whole fifteen minutes or half an hour after their booking time. Not only that, but they will want their booking to last as long as they planned, regardless of whether the escort has other things to do.

To avoid being that guy make sure you set off in plenty of times, especially if it is in a new town or somewhere you don’t know that well. This will mean that, should you get lost or encounter problems with parking, you will still have time to meet your lovely escort.

Even with preparation you might still be late, and if that is going to happen make sure you let the escort know as soon as possible. Either text or call them to let them know the situation and see if you can still see them (for a shorter time) or rearrange the booking. Most escorts will be happy to see you another time if you let them know what is going on, so give them plenty of notice. A better way to do it is to tell them your estimated arrival time when you are first booking as then you can plan what will happen from that moment.


This is something that, unfortunately, still happens. Clients will try to haggle on the prices set by the escort, despite confirming it before they arrived, or sometimes they will say that they “haven’t got the right change” to see if they can get a “discount”.

If you don’t want to pay the escort’s prices then you definitely should not be calling them up for a date in the first place. Most escorts have the prices for their time on their profile, and you can confirm them when you give them a call to make the booking.

Trying to negotiate is incredibly disrespectful to the escort, and the small number of clients who do this don’t quite realise their behaviour will result in them never seeing that escort again. How would you feel if an escort said that she would only see you for fifteen minutes instead of the planned half an hour, but would still take the same amount of money?

Basically – don’t haggle. The escorts are the ones who choose how much their time and companionship is worth, so respect them. Arrive with the exact change if you can to avoid that awkward moment when they refuse to take the booking and you are left walking unhappily back to your car.

Overstay your welcome

Enjoying time with an escort can leave you eager to stay for longer, and who could blame you when you are having such a good time? If you are keen to extend your time together, many escorts are happy to arrange this, but if you don’t ask and they don’t offer, keep an eye on the time to make sure you don’t outstay your welcome.

Most escorts will tell you if the end of the appointment is approaching so that you can get ready to say goodbye, but even when that happens there are clients who try to stay as long as possible.

Remember how much of their time you have paid for and stick to it. Getting caught up in the moment and running over by five minutes is something that escorts can usually accept, but if you are constantly doing it they might see it as a problem.

If you think that you have stayed for longer, apologise to them and say that, next time, you will pay for the extra time. That will make them feel more at ease about seeing you again, as they will then know you aren’t taking the piss by staying too long.

Don’t pretend

When you go on a first date you are often eager to impress. You want them to see you as the best person you could be, so flexing and showing off are common. After all, you are trying to make a lasting impression so that you can go and see them again.

It is exactly the same when some clients see escorts, but you don’t have to do it. You don’t have to pretend as most escorts would rather you were yourself. When you are pretending it can be exhausting to keep up the act, so just relax and let them see the real you.

If you are a genuine guy, they will like you all the more, but they can tell when someone is lying or being a show off. Often for them it is a huge turn off, so just stick to being you instead of trying to impress them.

What is the biggest mistake you’ve made on a date with an escort? Have you been guilty of any of the above and how did you fare? You can let us know in the comment box below or over on the Escort Norway forum.

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