What Happens When Food Play Goes Wrong?

There are so many kinky things that you can try in the bedroom, and for many of us, food play is something fun that we love doing every now and then. It adds a hot and sexy twist to sex, making things much more exciting, and you can do it pretty much anywhere, as long as you have food.

A sexy woman lying on a bed and experimenting with food play

However, with food play comes a number of problems. It can get messy, sticky, and pretty disgusting if you don’t choose your food carefully. Unfortunately, that isn’t the end of it. There are so many other things that can go wrong during food play, and here on the Escort Norway blog we take a look at some of the weird tales of things that can happen when you enjoy a little food play.

The good

Most of us are quite lucky when it comes to food play. The worst thing that happens for us is that things get a little bit messy. It is bound to happen when you bring food into the bedroom. Food gets messy, and that means that having sex with food involved somewhere is also going to get messy. People often use foods like cream, honey, or melted chocolate in the bedroom, and these are the worst culprits for it.

When things get sticky, it means sex can sometimes feel a little bit disgusting. You’ll find that your skin sticks together, even if you think you’ve done a great job of licking the food away, and that can leave things uncomfortable during sex. Sometimes, it can even make sex painful if you’ve been putting food in the wrong place.

Of course, there is a quick and simply solution to this. You can either jump into the shower together afterwards to wash each other off and have some fun under the water, or you can choose the foods you take into the bedroom that little bit more carefully.

The bad

Some people love eating their partner out. Others simply love eating. There are even some who want to combine the two. On Reddit, one woman posted a thread talking about her husband’s fetish, and the fetish confused and stunned some people.

The man would ask her to place different items of food, such as pears, carrots, and apples, inside of her vagina. She’d keep them in her cunt all day long, and then when the evening arrived, he would feast on them. She wanted to know if this fetish could make either of them sick, and the people of Reddit responded in a huge way.

One user put it plainly, saying that “vegetables aren’t meant to go inside of vaginas”, clarifying that “this is going to end with an infection of sorts”. Yes, you could end up getting an infection or illness by putting food inside of your vagina. As stated earlier, that isn’t where it is meant to go! Instead, stick to eating the food off of each others’ body and, if you must eat food from a vagina, the user suggests that you “use barrier devices such as condoms or plastic wrap” as these will help you avoid picking up something unpleasant.

The painful

The TV show “Sex Sent Me To The ER” has shown some of the ridiculous things that people have done during sex, but one particular episode struck people when they found that things went seriously wrong for one couple when they tried to melt a giant gummy bear for some kinky fun.

Michael and Josi thought that melting the 5lb gummy bear was a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. They wanted to take turns licking the gummy juice from each other, but trying to melt it in the microwave was the worst idea.

The liquid became ridiculously hot, and when Michael poured it onto Josi’s chest, she found herself in a great deal of pain. She suffered third degree burns to her chest, all because of a little bit of kinky food play. The lesson here? Don’t try to melt sweets and use them for sex… and if you do, check the temperature first!

The deadly

Unfortunately, food play can go so wrong that it turns deadly, and we aren’t simply talking about allergic reactions here. For one unlucky guy in Mannheim, he is facing five years in jail when his fun and kinky food game with his mistress went wrong. He explained to the court that he and his mistress “would often use dildos as well as carrots and courgettes” during their love making, and that one day his girlfriend didn’t have any toys with her, so he just grabbed half a cucumber that they had in the kitchen.

He used the cucumber as a sex toy, before then stuffing the mushy cucumber into his girlfriend’s mouth. While she struggled with the cucumber, he went into the kitchen when the smoke alarm distracted him. When he came back, she was lying unconscious on the floor, as the cucumber had blocked her air way.

Despite his best efforts to pull the pieces out of her mouth and throat, he couldn’t do it. The use of it as a sex toy has made it so mushy that getting all of the pieces was impossible, and she died as a result of it. Now potentially liable for her death, at least in part, this has highlighted the fact that you should never leave someone along when you are experimenting with breath play or something new in the bedroom.

Safer food play

Fortunately, not all food play ends this way. For most of us, the worst we encounter is the sticky situation when two bodies covered in cream and honey meet, and that is easily resolved.

However, if you are thinking of trying this kinky type of play out, you should do your research first. Are you or your partner allergic to anything? Is the temperature of the food good? Have you got a plan for if things do go wrong?

We want to hear about your experiences with food play. Are you a bit of a foody in the bedroom, or do you like to keep sex and food totally separate? What is the kinkiest thing that you have done with food? You can share your thoughts with us by going to the Escort Norway forum or by simply leaving a comment in the box below. Tell us your best tips and tricks for getting it right and you can help make sure situations like those above never happen.

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  1. Food is not allowed in bedroom, I have dog and my dog will eat anything food touch.
    I do not like cleaning food from sheets, sometime it not clean so good.

  2. When you’re hands are covered in food and you want to rub her pussy, you have to get up and wash your hands. Food in the bedroom can be fun, but also messy.

  3. My ex used to have a cucumber next to our bed i don’t know why..I think when I used to go to work she probably used all day..

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