Watersports – A Guide

Watersports is a wet ‘n wild way to erotically explore the taboo of sharing the spray of your urine. By releasing your urine on someone or having your accomplice release theirs on you, one engages in watersports for its erotica pleasure or within the pursuit of BDSM. Whether you seek to pee on someone or to be peed upon there are still some who take it up a notch up by taking the urine into their mouth. At which point, one chooses to spit or swallow.

Man stands in fron of woman sat down on a bed

Watersports enthusiasts are aroused not only by their partner’s flesh but also by the secretions that gush from it. Imagine seeing the sculpted perfection of Leonardo da Vinci on the Ile d’or in the Loire spring to life, his manhood gushing with the intensity of a fountain. If it’s cum or pee, the sensation is still the same. The same applies for females for when their urethra opens, the sensation flowing out tantalizes the sensitive lips of their vulva.

Perhaps Mona Lisa smiles because she’s harboring a fetish, she’s a watersports enthusiast too!

The anatomy of our bodies are constructed in such a way that the sensation of liquid passing through the urethra feels the same as coming although we know the difference. Therefore, for watersports lovers, one action simulates the other. Haven’t you had that one piss after a night of heavy drinking that is damn near orgasmic? Your honor, Watersports rests its case!

Now that you understand the science of your anatomy during watersports, let’s address the mental games that are most often being played at the same time. There are three reasons why people get wet ‘n wild in water-sports: intimacy, humiliation and D/S.

Let’s explore these a bit, shall we?

Participating in a sexual activity and/or perversion is one of the deepest forms of intimacy because you’re not just sharing your body but you’re acting upon the darkest recesses of your mind. Partaking in a taboo and watching someone explore their inner desire can supply a sensual source of connection. Once you understand that watersports is similar to the kinky urge of ejaculating or coming on your partners face then you’re empathetic to the cause!

Now let’s delve into the power play that watersports offers and that is of humiliation. Reflect on how you were raised and recall being a young gun when peeing in front of someone was embarrassing. This humiliation play is the game that is being reenacted. It’s up there with shagging in a public place because hey, we were first told that these are things that you do in private. In essence, you’re taking an activity that you first knew to be private and you’re subjecting others to it and by God, it can be thrilling!

Then there is the game of Dominance and Submission or D/S. Playing out the alpha role of dominance is acted out by urinating on your partner so as to create and fortify the dominant/submissive dynamic. By doing so, the alpha is recognized in its hierarchical role and the submissive has been marked as if it’s territory or property.

Proceed with Caution: Slippery When Wet

At this point, we’ve explored the inner workings of water-sports now let’s emphasize some bullet points before you get wet ‘n wild.

* Cleanse your urine by flushing yourself with a large quantity of water before you engage in water-sports. Be aware that what you eat and drink affects the scent and taste of your urine because it does! Don’t go eating asparagus before water-sports or your pee will have a rank smell! Don’t go drinking high volumes of alcohol before water-sports if your partner plans to swallow or else you’ll be doubling as a bartender! To bolster the taste of your urine, drink fruit juice before your experience as its comparable to lighting a stick of incense in a room that doesn’t have good ventilation.

* Speak with your partner about what you’re imagining getting out of the experience. After all, if you’re seeking watersports for intimacy and your partner is looking for D/S then its like reading from the same book but being on different pages. Communicate how you envision seeing the act unfold and be ready to listen to their vision as well, everyone should be comfortable with getting uncomfortable.

* The shower, tub, ocean or pool are useful templates for your waterworks as the clean up is immediate.

* Discover the position that fits your mood. In the ‘Cataracts of the Nile’ position, the guy straddles his partner and urinates all over their chest and stomach. In the ‘Watering the Oak Tree’ position, the woman squats over their partner and sprinkles their torso. In the ‘Fountain of Venus,’ the woman lies on their back while the man kneels and sprays urine on her face. Then there’s the most iconic position of water-sports, the ‘Golden Shower.’ In this position, you stand and triumphantly deliver a shower of urine covering them in a golden wet mess.

* Swallowing your partner’s urine puts you at probable risk for any infection that they may have. Urinary tract infections or UTI’s are a product of the gnarly bacteria E. Coli. Gonorrhea and Hepatitis B is something that can be spread from intimate parts to mouths pretty easily too. Love is a battlefield so check yourself regularly and know your partner has too if you’re going to dodge the bullet of STD’s.

* Be aware that the idea of watersports may turn you on but the act may in fact turn you off and vice versa! You could be initially turned off by the idea of peeing on someone until you try it and discover that the sensation is tantalizing, erotic and satisfying. It’s also appropriate to recognize that you may feel a tad bit strange after experimenting with ‘piss play.’ A part of you may be thinking, ‘I’ll never do this again,’ then only to discover that you’re wet or hard and ready to give it another round!

Keep calm and piss on!

Remember when someone first asked you, ‘What’s your favorite flavor?’ At the time, your palette was only accustomed to what you knew. You shouted back proudly, ‘Vanilla!’ Or maybe you rallied to the dark richness of, ‘Chocolate!’ Then one day, your palette evolved because you dared to take a walk on the wild side. You experimented and thus tasted the wondrous delight of Mint Chocolate Chip and Neapolitan.

You were never the same after that experience and you know it. Your whole world was rocked! How did you ever stick to Vanilla and Chocolate for so long? Because you didn’t know any better that’s why! Aren’t you grateful that you opened yourself to the other possibilities of flavors! After all, why stick to one when there are so many to sample, taste and revel in. Let’s be real, after doing so, you evolved and grew to know yourself better!

All in all, there’s a world of flavored perversion to taste and explore. With a partner that’s willing to experiment, gift yourself with the experience of tasting all the flavors of the kinky rainbow.

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