What Is Voyeurism And Why Is It So Hot?

We all love watching porn. It’s a huge turn on to see some of our hottest fantasies come to life with the help of our favourite porn stars. But what some of us find even more exciting is that act of watching others get sexual pleasure. We love to see people fucking each other hard and fast and it gives us a real thrill to do so. But why is voyeurism such a big turn on?

What Is Voyeurism And Why Is It So Hot

For many people the idea of watching others have sex just doesn’t turn them on… but for others it is a really hot thing to do. So what is voyeurism, what does it include, and why do we love it so much?

What is voyeurism?

To put it simply, voyeurism is when you “gain sexual pleasure from watching others”, usually when they are “engaged in sexual activities”. Those who do this don’t just watch other because they are intrigued by it. They actually get turned on by it!

There are so many different reasons why a voyeur might find it to be a huge kinky thrill to watch others fucking. For a start, it feels naughty. Sex is something that is supposed to be private between two people, but when you are invited to watch you are crossing that line. You are doing something you aren’t supposed to which makes us want it even more.

It also gives us some inspiration for sex. When watching others you get to see the different things that they do in the bedroom to turn each other on. You might spot some new techniques for fucking that you have never seen before, or if your partner is involved you might see them try something different. It is a great way to get inspiration!

Another big reason? Watching others have sex is just hot. We love to see others being pleasured, and it will instantly make you hard or wet at the sight of it. So why wouldn’t we enjoy it?

Watching them masturbate

There is no-one in the world who knows what your turn ons are better than you. You will have spent so much time exploring your kinks and what every little touch does to you. You’ll know your limits and exactly what you have to do to make yourself cum immediately.

It will be the same for your partner, so if you want to see how to turn them on and pleasure them, you should ask them to masturbate in front of you. It might seem a little strange at first, but trust us on this one.

You’ll love watching what they do to themselves. They’ll put on a show for you to enjoy and it will be incredibly kinky. However, they will also enjoy it. They’ll find that your eyes on them filled with lust is everything that they never knew they needed, and they’ll want to do more. It won’t be surprising when you both blow your load in no time at all.

Watch in the mirror or make a movie

When most people think of being a voyeur they tend to immediately jump to swinging, dogging, and cuckolding. This isn’t for everyone. For a lot of people taking that step to be in front of others or watching strangers at it is a little too much. So what can you do instead?

You might have your bed positioned close to a mirror. If so, fuck in front of it. You’ll find that it is a huge turn on to watch yourself fucking your partner, and when your eyes meet in the mirror you’ll go harder and faster than before to really put on a show.

Not got a mirror to hand? That’s fine. You can make your own porno using your phone. Make sure that any back-ups on your phone are turned off so it doesn’t get uploaded to the cloud automatically and you are good to go! The best thing is that you can pass the phone between you to get different angles and you can then watch it back at a later date. It will be a lot of fun for you both!

Swinging and dogging

Feeling brave? You could take the plunge with swinging and dogging. This is the ultimate voyeurism, as you get to meet with strangers for the purposes of watching others have sex… or to even join in with their fun!

Most people choose to head to a swingers’ club. These clubs are a safe environment for you to explore your sexuality, and you get to meet a number of other like minded people! However, some like to take a risk and try dogging instead.

Dogging is very much out in the open, meaning that the chances of getting caught are way up there. You might also not find anyone unless you know the right spots to visit too, so you could be exploring without success for a long time. It is better to stick with planned meets.

Are you into it?

There is nothing sexier than watching your partner get sexual pleasure, especially if they are masturbating for you and putting on a show. However this isn’t for everyone. You might last all of five seconds watching before you jump on them.

So are you into it? Are you a proud voyeur or do you prefer to keep things private? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below or by voting in the poll!

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