Two’s Company, Three’s Fun!

Enjoying a threesome with two hot and sexy ladies is a fantasy for many guys out there, and also a surprising amount of women. The idea of having a hot and steamy night with two other people is a huge turn on, and yet many people leave this fantasy unfulfilled.
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Why? Most people do not work up the courage to ask for it, or they struggle to find that perfect third person for their romantic date. Here on Escort Norway we have put together some advice for those hoping to enjoy a threesome and the best way you can go about it.

Communication is key!

It’s all well and good having the fantasy in your head, but unless you can actually talk to your partner about it, it isn’t going to happen. Your partner isn’t a mind reader and, as much as you hope they will surprise you with a threesome, they won’t do it without talking to you first.

Just imagine how it might be if you turned up at your home to find your partner and another woman there waiting for you. Sure, you might be excited about the possibilities, but some would be annoyed that they hadn’t talked about it first.

Sit down with your partner and have an honest conversation about it. You might be really excited to try it, but don’t use that excitement to put pressure on your partner. They will be less likely to enjoy it if they feel that they have to go through with it for your sake.

Set the rules early on. Talk about what kind of threesome you are both hoping for. It could be your partner and guest having sex while you watch, or it could be you at the centre of attention. Is kissing okay? Are you comfortable doing it in your own bed?

If she seems hesitant, check to see if she really wants it. If she doesn’t, don’t be a baby. So you don’t get a threesome. It could be worse. You could have started the threesome only for your partner to feel so uncomfortable she just watches, or that afterwards you find neither of you can sleep in the same bed.

No friends allowed

You might be thinking “I’m going to invite my girlfriend’s hot bestie to join us” and, if you do, you will find out why friends should not be allowed to join in threesomes.

First, imagine how your partner will react. “Honey, do you mind if we both fuck Jenny this weekend?” She’s going to start thinking that you fancy this person and want to be with them instead. Never a good start.

Even if they did accept it, they might feel jealous seeing you and this friend together. Wouldn’t you feel the same way if the roles were reversed?

Friends make things awkward. When you see them next you won’t be able to stop thinking about what happened, and neither will they. They might feel uncomfortable about it and never want you to darken their doorway again.
If you are going to invite a friend to join you, make sure it is one that neither of you feel threatened by. Make it clear to your partner throughout that you want them specifically and that you are having more fun with them.
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What to do during a threesome?

So, you’ve managed to get into the bedroom with your partner and someone else. You are all ready to go and get started… but what do you do next?

You could help each other relax by jumping in the shower together, provided it is big enough. If it isn’t, each take the time to wash thoroughly and relax yourselves under the hot water. Wear some loose fitting clothes afterwards, over your underwear, and go back to the bedroom.

Having a plan in place beforehand can be a huge help. It stops you from sitting there and wondering what you should do next, and it can also help to make sure the attention is evenly distributed. It might not seem as fun to follow a plan, but knowing exactly where everyone is going to be at any given time can eliminate awkwardness from your threesome.

Finally, you may want to set up a safe word or method of telling each other if you want to stop. If someone chooses to stop the fun, you should respect their decision. Don’t try to push them into continuing if they clearly don’t want to. All this will do is upset them further. Give them the time they need and, if they want to talk about it, be willing to listen.

Threesomes are a popular fantasy for a reason, but hopefully using our tips you can make it a reality. Have you ever had a threesome before? Did you enjoy it? Tell me what you think in the comment box below or go to the Escort Norway forum and share your thoughts there.

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