The Top Three Searched For Pornstars of 2016!

We’ve passed the halfway point of 2016, and a lot of crazy shit has happened within the last 7 months. Celebrities are dying, vegans are revolting on Youtube, and people are playing Pokemon Go instead of watching porn.

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Speaking of porn, new names have arisen in the industry this year, and other names have reclaimed their place in that industry too. Of course, we will never forget the people that have no plans to return to porn, like Sasha Grey, but mustn’t forget about the other ladies that have stamped their stage names in both sex and mainstream media.

Madison Ivy

I don’t know what it is with German pornstars, but they have a knack of making my friends close their curtains and rub their cocks in private. Actually, I visited one of my friends in Berlin, and he told me how he lived close to a place where porn conventions are held.

He went up to a lady and asked her if he knew her, without realising that she was the pornstar Jana Bach. I’m digressing again…

Madison Ivy was born in Bayern, raised in Texas, and transferred to California where her career in the sex industry began. During her time as a dancer in a strip club, she got acquainted with adult film star Aurora Snow, who very kindly gave her all of the important connections that Ivy needed to advance her career onto the next level.

Even in the porn industry, the way to make it is not solely by what you know, but who you know as well. Since 2008, she starred in many films like ‘Not Bewitched XXX’, ‘Not Charlie’s Angels XXX’, and ‘Slutty & Sluttier 12’, where she created some of the best facial scenes in the world of porn.

Well, it’s not a surprise that she’s considered to be the ‘Queen of facials’, since most of her 249 videos are placed in that category!

Mia Khalifa

Her time as a porn actress may have been short and sweet, but that didn’t stop Mia Khalifa from being crowned as the most searched film star on Pornhub. The Lebanese American actress was introduced to porn in 2014, when it was rumoured that while she was working at a burger joint, a customer approached her and said that she should go into porn, in which Khalifa replied that it would be fun to do. I got to say, due the amount of videos, images and gifs that I’ve found on Tumblr, porn must have been a lot of fun for her to do!

However, that fun was accompanied by heavy criticism and controversy in the Middle East, especially since she starred in an adult movie while wearing an Islamic hijab, a traditional headwear that a lot of Muslim women wear. Nevertheless, the controversy hasn’t stopped people typing her name into the search engines of Redtube, YouPorn, and XVideos, though!

It may surprise you to know that Khalifa only worked in the industry for 3 months before leaving it over a year ago, according to what she said to the Washington Post in an interview this year. Like I said, Mia Khalifa’s life as an adult film star was short and sweet, where she only performed in 16 films, but it has definitely left a bookmark in the world of porn!

Lisa Ann

After all these years, you guys and girls cannot get enough of Lisa Ann.

Her journey to porn began when she started stripping at an older adolescent age. With the help of many adult film actresses, Ann started to step into the line of films after she was spotted dancing at ‘Al’s Diamond Cabaret’ strip club in Pennsylvania, in which the first scene that she was ever filmed in was ‘Cinesex 2’.

If you guys don’t know much about Ann, she developed a parody of a Republican vice presidential nominee called ‘Serra Paylin’, which got her featured in many satirical political films such as ‘Who’s Nailin’ Palin?’, ‘Obama is Nailin’ Palin’, ‘Letterman’s Nailin’ Palin’, ‘Hollywood’s Nailin’ Palin’, and ‘Who’s Nailin’ Palin 2’.

Ann doesn’t do a lot of porn nowadays, but she still occasionally performs in webcam shows to titillate her audience. For those who want to know her statistics, she has performed in 547 films, and directed 54 porn shoots. Wow, no wonder she’s still one of the most searched pornstars on the net, making her one of the hottest cougars on set.

You can watch the pornstars’ most recent videos by having a look at their official websites: (

Don’t forget to clean up after yourselves, now…

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