Top Client Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes happen, but for escorts they can happen far too often. A client won’t think and say or do the wrong thing, which can turn an appointment sour. Here at Escort-Norway we’ve come up with the common mistakes, and how you can avoid making them.

Money troubles

You’ve looked at their profile and know how much they will charge for your appointment. You’ve even confirmed it on the phone. Yet far too many clients will arrive and say they have to just pop to a hole-in-the-wall to get the money out for them, or turn up without any change and expect the escort to magic the change out of thin air. Even worse is when clients turn up with just under and ask if the escorts will fulfil the appointment for less than they usually would because “well, I’m here now”.
Man with moneyBefore you get to the rendezvous, have your money ready. It is even better if you have the correct change on you and ready to go. Imagine how much change an escort might need otherwise! Take the money out or go to a shop if you need to. Give yourself plenty of time to get your money ready, just in case the hole-in-the-wall you were planning on going to is out of order. If you have the correct money ready when you arrive, things will go a lot smoother.

Keep It Clean

You wouldn’t turn up to a date without having a shower first, so give your chosen escort the same courtesy. Properly scrub at your body to ensure you get any hidden bits of dirt that may be hiding, and when you are offered another one when you arrive take it. Travelling can build up sweat, so you are best taking the time to be as fresh as possible.

Other clients and escorts

“What are your other clients like?”, “Do you know an escort called…”, “This escort said…” There are few things worse than you gossiping about clients or escorts. You aren’t there for that, are you? You are there to enjoy some time in the company of a sexy woman who is passionate and sensual.

Before you ask those kinds of questions, just think how you’d feel if someone was asking about you. It isn’t appropriate, and you should be respecting the privacy of the escort and other clients. Don’t ask, and you will realise how discreet and respectful escorts are.

Real names

For discretionary reasons, you probably won’t give your real name when making a booking. Given the stigma surrounding escorting and sex work, it’s hardly surprising that escorts do the same. Yet some clients feel it is their right to know an escort’s real name.

Asking for an escort’s real name is removing their right to privacy and respect. Don’t ask. You don’t need to know, and knowing will not add anything to your encounter. Just enjoy the time you spend together.

The main thing to remember is that treating an escort with respect will gain you so much more in return. Be polite and don’t overstep the boundaries. I’ve had fantastic experiences with the escorts in Rogaland and they are definitely worth the effort.

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