Top 3 Dating Mistakes To Avoid

Dating can be hard. The rules of the game are ever changing, and knowing what is and isn’t acceptable can change from person to person. While one date might be perfectly happy sharing their dessert with you, another may think you have committed the ultimate sin.
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So what dating mistakes should you try to avoid? Here on Escort Norway we have put together the top three dating mistakes you should avoid making, and how to avoid them.

Being overly confident

Confidence is sexy. It shows that you not only understand your body, but you love it. That can draw people to you, as they want your confidence to rub off on them and make them better than they are.

Having said that, being overly confident is not sexy. It is simply arrogance and the belief that nothing and no-one can touch you. This can be a huge turn off for others, and many will refuse a second date with someone if they believe that they are far too self-centred and obsessed.

A recent tale one of my girlfriends has told me of an overly-confident date was when they went to a restaurant that had different hot sauces to put on your food. Her date was boasting about how he had never found a hot sauce he couldn’t handle and ordered the strongest one. She watched and laughed as his face went bright red and he rushed off to the toilet after tasting it. Needless to say, he did not get a second date.

Try to find that fine line between confidence and arrogance. Don’t boast about what you can do, as you may just have to prove it. Remember that you will be spending time with someone else, so focus your attention on them instead of on yourself.

Don’t be closed minded

When meeting someone else you should keep an open mind. You don’t know what has happened in their life, or what their interests are, so judging them on something you don’t know much about can end badly for you – especially if you are really interested in them.

From personal experience, I have been on a third date with a guy I really liked when things went sour. We were clearly were much interested in each other, and a couple on a nearby table were talking loudly about the latest superhero movie that had come out.

He pulled a face at it and I mentioned to him that I enjoy comic books. His response was “that’s quite sad, isn’t it?”. I tried to continue with the date, but he kept talking about it and how surprised he was that I like comic books when I’m “fit” (his word, not mine) and don’t live with my parents. As you can imagine, I didn’t stick around to see what else he might say about some of my other interests.

Sexy threesomeEven if you don’t think you share the interest with them, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised if you pursue a relationship with them.

Not knowing when to draw the line

A huge error that people often make with a date is the urge to tell them everything. Yes, you want to set the bar to know how they feel about certain things from the beginning, but if you sit there telling them your entire life story you might actually scare them away.

You have to know when to draw the line. Don’t come on too strong, as it could end with no further dates.

The best way to avoid this is to simply relax and see where your conversations take you. Don’t be afraid to answer questions, but try to make sure the conversations are about both of you.

What other advice do you have for those trying to navigate the dating world? You can leave a comment below to share with others, or head over to the Escort Norway forum and post them there.

Anna Smith

Anna Smith

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Anna Smith

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