How To Tease Your Partner

Quick hard sex can be amazing, but sometimes you want to drive your partner wild. You want to have them begging you for release, desperate for you to let them finish.
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The art of teasing in sex can be difficult to master. Get it wrong and it can seem as though you simply aren’t willing to go all the way, and that you want them to put in all of the effort. Get it right, and you can have some of the most intense and passionate sex you’ve had in your life.

So how do you know when you’ve got it right, and what are the best things to try to do to tease your partner?

Tie and tease

The most popular form of teasing to try in the bedroom is tie and tease. This can be done by tying your partner to the bed or into a chair, then doing whatever you can think of to tease them and turn them on.

To prepare, you should have your ties to hand and something for them to be tied to, whether that is a chair or a bed. For ties you can use anything of decent, such as a suit tie or the ties of a dressing gown, if you haven’t purchased bondage tape for this purpose. Get some music ready (something soft and slow works well). Dress in something really sexy with layers and strip them down before tying them up.

Then you can get to the teasing. Start with a slow and sensual strip tease. If your have long hair that is tied up, take it down and shake it out. Slide slowly out of each item of clothing, taking your time when taking it off. You should notice your partner’s reaction pretty quickly!

Move closer and closer to them until you can almost touch them, then don’t. Hold back for as long as you can and, when you do finally touch them, don’t touch them where they really want you to. Glide your hands softly and slowly all over their body until they began for you to touch them properly.


Distracting them is also a fantastic way of teasing them. When you aim to distract, they should be busy doing something else. For example, if they have an office at home you can pay them a visit while they are working.

Start by slowly kissing their neck and stroking their body through their clothes. In no time at all they should be desperate for you to touch them, even if they are trying to continue working.

Then, unfasten whatever they are wearing on their bottom half or shift it enough that you can get to their genitals. Tease them by slowly touching them with your hands, before giving them oral sex. See how long they can concentrate on what they are doing while you keep making slow strokes. Don’t speed up – keep the pace really unhurried and relaxed to drive them wild.
Erotic massage

Blindfolded massage

A blindfolded massage can really help to build the anticipation of just what you are going to do. The massage helps to relax them, while the fact that they are blindfolded and are anticipating each move you make can be a huge turn on for them. It is very exciting and a lot of fun to try!

Strip them slowly and ask them to put on a blindfold. Make sure it is secure and get them to lie on their front. Put some body oil or massage oil in your hands and warm it between your palms before applying. Start at the very tips of the body, such as the fingers or toes, and work your way in. Keep away from the hot spots that really turn them on and leave them for last. When you do touch them, linger only for a moment before moving on.

Once you have finished your erotic massage of their back, get them to turn over and start of their front. Only when you have completely covered their entire body should you start to work on their erogenous zones. As with the other games, keep it slow and sensual to make them desperate for you.

Then, when they start to beg, ask them what they want. When they have said, do it, but keep it slow. Build up the movement slowly, teasing yourself with their body. When you both reach climax it will be even more intense.

What are your favourite teasing games to do in the bedroom? Have you seen it here or have you other ideas? You can leave your suggestions in the comment box below or go to the Escort Norway forum and share them there.

Anna Smith

Anna Smith

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Anna Smith

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