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Aussie Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Causes Uproar (Video)

Here at Escort Norway, we have always been huge supporters of gay marriage, and it seems that the next battleground will be in Australia where they are having a non-binding postal vote to gauge public opinion on changing the same-sex marriage law. Well, if this advert calling for people to vote AGAINST any change is anything to go by, it is going to get bloody. Continue reading Aussie Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Causes Uproar (Video)

Is Coming Out As Gay Easier Now?

For a lot of people out there, they have always had some idea that they were different, and over time they come to get to know themselves better. It can be a shock to sit down and realise “I’m gay” mainly because of the reactions you expect from people. Now we live in a world where the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage was celebrated with rainbows on pretty much every profile picture on social media… but does that mean that coming out is easier now than it used to be? Continue reading Is Coming Out As Gay Easier Now?

Is Russian Siri Homophobic?

Anyone who has been paying attention to world news will know that things have been a bit difficult in Russia for the gay community. The government there really don’t seem to be fans of gays and lesbians. This has resulted in legislation banning the promotion of homosexuality. That will have obvious effects, as in children not being taught that being gay is normal, and perfectly natural. However, an unexpected repercussion occurred recently, with I-phone app ‘Siri’, seeming to make homophobic comments when asked certain questions relating to the gay community. Continue reading Is Russian Siri Homophobic?