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How To Play With Breasts

Women’s breasts are the symbol of femininity by excellence. There are a range of different forms: big rounded boobs, small with a gap between each breast, or with the form of a pear among many others. However, there is no doubt that most men love this physical feature, and it’s one of the first things that awakes excitation for heterosexual males. This could explain why it’s very common to find men who play with the breasts crushing them like there isn’t tomorrow, and when women feel this, we ask ourselves what does he want to do with them? In brief, nobody is perfect. Continue reading How To Play With Breasts

The Ultimate Guide to Pleasuring Breasts

There are big, small, asymmetric, natural, botl-ons, sagging, round…there are as many boob types as days in a yearly calendar, however, there will never be enough! Tits are one of the things that drive us crazy the most, but, are you aware of the amazing weapon you, literally, have in your hands? Knowing how to properly pleasure breasts can make her feel in heaven as women can actually get a real orgasm with nipple stimulation. It is scientifically proved that there are hundreds of nerve endings connecting boobs and the clitoris. In fact, a recent study from Cosmopolitan says that 29% of women have felt or will feel nipple orgasms during their lives. Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Pleasuring Breasts