The Strangest Flavoured Condoms You Can Buy!

If you let people experiment, they will come up with all kinds of weird and wonderful things. This is especially true with food, as you may know if you have ever eaten brownies made with avocado. It just sounds so wrong… and unfortunately, people are just as experimental when it comes to flavoured condoms.

The Strangest Flavoured Condoms You Can Buy

When it comes to flavoured condoms, it seems that nothing is safe. If you can think of it, the chances are that it has been turned into a flavoured condom that you could buy and use right now. Yes, there are plenty of normal flavours out there, such as chocolate, strawberry, and banana, but those inventing condoms aren’t content to just leave them there.

No, they have to go one step further, so join us here on the Escort Norway blog as we delve into the strange world of flavoured condoms to bring you the most unusual, bizarre, and downright strangest flavours.


Lately, all people have been talking about is Durex’s announcement that they are soon going to be releasing condoms flavoured like aubergine or eggplant. Yes, that is definitely a flavour that we did not expect for condoms.

Twitter, as you can imagine, went crazy. People couldn’t stop talking about it, asking if condom creators were taking things a little too far this time.

Aubergine/eggplant condoms
Original source: Twitter

Thankfully, it isn’t a serious suggestion. It is something that Durex are doing as part of their campaign to try and get emoji creators to add a condom to their list. You can send a peach and an aubergine to friends to suggest that you want sex, so why not add a condom to the mix?

However, while Durex have said that they aren’t making these condoms, that doesn’t mean someone else won’t. In fact, there are probably people in the condom lab right now, trying to figure out how to make eggplant flavoured condoms.


There are some flavours that you just can’t resist when you are going out for a meal, or even if you are ordering in. Whenever I’m with friends and we order a takeaway, we’ll get a garlic bread to share between us… because let’s face it, garlic bread is pretty amazing.

However, as much as I love garlic, there are a few times when I really don’t want to taste it. One of those times is when I have my lips wrapped around a guy’s cock.

Garlic condoms
Original source: The Mirror

Unfortunately, someone decided that creating garlic flavoured condoms was a good idea. Clearly, those who created the condoms loved the taste of garlic so much that they get turned on by it. I mean, I love garlic, but not that much!

Either that, or someone had a bad experience with a blowjob with too much teeth and are hoping that the garlic will ward off vampires.


I could sit here and making numerous different puns about your meat, but it seems pretty unnecessary when the next flavoured condoms do it for me. Meet the bacon flavoured condom.

For many people, bacon is the greatest thing you could ever taste. The crispy taste is amazing, and if you go for a cooked breakfast to find that bacon isn’t on the plate, you’d be disappointed.

Bacon condoms
Original source: College Times

However, these condoms aren’t just flavoured to taste like bacon… they also make your cock look like bacon. The tagline declares that you can “make your meat look like meat”, and with “baconlube” to lubricate the condoms, it seems you won’t be able to escape the taste of meat.

Personally, I quite like cocks to look like cocks… not as though they have been wrapped in bacon.

Scotch whisky

Everybody loves a drink every now and then, and we all have our favourites. I quite like a good white wine every now and then, and on occasion I’ve been known to drink a good Scotch whisky.

There is a bit of an art to drinking whisky
. It is best to hold it in your mouth for a little while so that you get the full flavour. Unfortunately, someone took this idea a little too literally when they created the whisky flavoured condom.

Scotch whisky condoms
Original source: Gadzetomania

Yes, you can enjoy the taste of what the creators McCondom claim to be one of the “finest” Scotch whiskys around while you suck a dick… and all without getting drunk.

I’d rather have a dram of the real stuff instead of sucking on whisky flavoured latex, but that might just be me.


Not in the mood for a condom that tastes like alcohol? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone, as it seems that a number of people would rather enjoy the taste of another kind of drink with their condom.

Cola is a favourite drink for many, with popular brands like Coca Cola and Pepsi battling it out for the top spot. Some people are so obsessed over the drink that they will buy cola flavoured sweets, chewing gum, and even lip balm. Now you can get cola condoms to add to your collection!

Fizzy cola condoms
Original source: eBay

If you love soda and cock, then this might just be the condom for you. It gives you the chance to enjoy both of them without having to deal with the fizz, and on this entire list, this is probably the most tame flavour that you will find.

Still, cola flavoured rubbers are a little bit unusual, and definitely are not the sort of thing I’d be putting in my mouth.


Mint is a nice and refreshing flavour to enjoy. There’s a reason that you can get menthol toothpastes to clean your teeth and mints after dinner to cleanse your palate.

It is a flavour that plenty of people enjoy, especially if you mix it with others. Mint chocolate is always going to be popular… but mint cock? Maybe not.

Menthol condoms
Original source: Rakuten

Still, some bright spark out there has decided that we need to combine the flavour of cock and mint by creating the mint flavoured condom! As you suck on a dick, you’ll find that your mouth is left minty fresh.

We suspect that there are a few people out there who will try and convince their partner that sucking their cock while they wear a menthol condom is going to be just as good for them as brushing their teeth… but do we believe it? Not one bit!


Condoms that taste like meat, mint, and alcohol are pretty strange flavours for people to choose, but believe it or not they aren’t actually the strangest. There are plenty more bizarre ones out there, and some of them are designed to make you think of when you last got high.

Yes, you really can get condoms that taste like cannabis. These condoms are all over the internet, with plenty of websites proudly proclaiming that you can buy them from their store.

Cannabis condoms
Original source: This Is Why I’m Broke

It seems strange that people would want to buy cannabis condoms, but perhaps they have proven to be so popular because they give you the taste of cannabis without actually smoking the weed.

If I were you, I’d be cause about using these condoms. Cannabis is famous for giving you the munchies, and while we hope that the cannabis condoms won’t do the same, the flavour might remind them of all the late night snacks they have had. This might work in your favour, but do you really want to take that chance?

The best and worst flavoured condoms

There are plenty of other delicious flavoured condoms out there for you to enjoy. You can get some that taste like strawberry, chocolate, and banana. These turn your cock into a delicious dish for your partner to devour with their lips and tongue, and sound a lot more appealing than whisky or bacon flavoured condoms to me.

But that might just be me. You might be reading this and thinking that whisky condoms are just what you have been hoping for.

Fruit flavoured condoms
Original source: WordPress

So we want to hear from you. What is the most unusual condom flavour you have ever seen? Which flavours have you tried? Maybe you can think up an even more bizarre flavour, like wasabi, fried chicken, or Earl Grey tea?

Share your crazy ideas with us by leaving a comment in the box below, or head over to the Escort Norway forum and join in the discussion there. Which flavours are your favourite and which are your worst nightmare?

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