Strange Study Claims Lesbianism Exists Just For Men!

There have been plenty of weird sex studies throughout the years, but the latest one takes the cake. The researchers decided to look into the origins of lesbianism and figure out if there was something specific that happened to make women attracted to women… or if it was simply something that happened.

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It already sounds like a pretty bizarre study, but gets weirder. Their findings have people up in arms, as does the way that they conducted the study in the first place. They claim that lesbianism was simply developed as a way to attract men. Curious to know the rest? Read on!

How they conducted the story

If you are going to conduct a story into the evolutionary origins of lesbianism, there should immediately be one group of people you are focusing on – lesbians. Well, the Cypriot researchers decided to completely ignore this obvious fact to begin with.

Instead, they surveyed 1,509 participants… and all of them were heterosexual. No, we don’t understand the logic here either. Surely if you want to know more about lesbians then you would ask lesbians?

The controversy continues

Needless to say people aren’t happy about the participants of the study. But it gets worse. They began to ask the male participants about their attraction to their partner and just how any same-sex relationships might change this.

They asked the men how they would feel if their partners told them that they found women attractive. Not surprisingly, around half said that they would be turned on by it. 34% of those surveyed stated that they would really like it if their partners fancied mostly members of the opposite-sex “but occasionally of the same-sex”. So basically, they want their partner to be bi-sexual or bi-curious. Not lesbians. Because being a lesbian would mean that they are attracted to the same-sex all of the time. Not just “occasionally”.

The bizarre conclusion

So from this, lead researcher Apostolou decided to come to the following conclusion… that lesbianism exists not because women are attracted to women, but because they want to attract men. He also stated that it had a lot to do with producing offspring.

For example, if a woman cheats on her male partner with another male partner, they might still fall pregnant. If it is a woman cheating with another woman, there isn’t this chance. No, we aren’t entirely sure how they researchers managed to get to this conclusion either.

The origins of lesbianism

To the lead researcher’s credit, he did explain that, while “a considerable proportion of men desire same-sex attractions in women”, it was “one possible reason why women have such attractions”. Personally, I prefer the idea that women are attracted to women not because they want to turn men on, but because they find women attractive. That’s it.

Apostolou has also stated that there needs to be more research carried out, but what do you think about this? Can you understand what the Cypriot researchers mean by this, or have they completely misunderstood what being a lesbian means and where the origins of lesbianism may come from? Let us know in the comment box below.

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