What You Should And Shouldn’t Ask An Escort

Escorting can be tough sometimes. It is a job that many people don’t understand properly, and instead of trying to they make assumptions or ask inappropriate questions that really shouldn’t matter. Here on Escort-Norway we’ve put together some things that you should and shouldn’t ask an escort.

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Confirmation of appointment

When you are on the way to meet your chosen escort, make sure you confirm that the appointment is still happening. It will reassure the escort that you are serious about meeting them and also let you know if there have been any changes to the plans – saving you both time.

Send a quick text or give them a ring at the time they have said to confirm and that is all that you need to do to ensure you have a great time.

What’s your real name?

Many escorts use an alias. Why? Their real names might not suit the persona they have as an escort, and they will also want to keep their private life just that – private. This is a job that, as said previously, a lot of people don’t understand. If they have family and friends who don’t understand, using a pseudonym is the best way to avoid difficult.

Yet many clients feel that it is their right to know their real name. Think about it – when you go to visit an escort you will use a fake name too, but would you give your real name if asked? Not many would, and many would be offended or feel put out by the question. It is the same for an escort, so be polite and respectful.

Check price

Escorts all charge different rates for different lengths of time, and checking their profile can give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for your time together. However, some clients will assume a price instead and that can leave them paying too little for an hour in-call.

When you are calling to make an appointment just check that the price on their profile is correct. Simply say “It will be €? for an hour, is that right?” to avoid any embarrassment of turning up with the incorrect amount of being sent away with your tail between your legs.

Not advertised

Escorts will list on their profiles services that they provide. Not only does it help clients with specific ideas in mind track down the one who can provide it, but it can also give escorts a way to easily show clients what they enjoy most of all.

Sometimes there may be additional things the sexy escorts enjoy in special circumstances, and so if you are after any of those it is worth asking. If they say no, however, don’t push them on it. It is their choice as to what services they provide and if you don’t meet their high standards of hygiene you may be turned down, or even turned away.

What other things are important to ask or avoid when speaking to an escort? You can discuss over on the Escort Norway forums or comment below.

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