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Technology has made it a hell of a lot easier to meet sexy women and get talking to them. Just look at the Escort Norway forum! There are plenty of clients there who all enjoy spending time with the escorts in Norway.
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Yet so many people don’t know how to sext properly. They think sending a dirty text won’t work to get your partner hot and heavy before you see then, but if you know what to say and when to say it you can have a lot of fun with sexting. Here are some of our favourite tips and tricks for successful sexting.

Choose an appropriate time

It is all well and good to send a dirty text message when you’re feeling horny, but you need to make sure it is at an appropriate time. Sending one off at five in the morning when you get home from a boozy night out won’t go down well with anyone!

Instead, find out what your partner is doing when you first start messaging them. If they are at work or say that they have a lot to do that day, wait for a better time. You want to have their full attention, and you don’t want them getting in trouble at work for the things you’ve said.

The evening tends to be the best time for sexting. Your partner will usually be winding down for the evening, perhaps even thinking of jumping into the bath for a soak before bed. This is the perfect time to sext, as they will be very relaxed and open to ideas.

Compliments work well

Pay them some compliments, and when we say compliments we don’t mean jumping in with “dat sexy ass” or “I bet you’ve got a tasty pussy”.

Go for some light compliments to begin with. If you aren’t sure where to start, tell them how beautiful or gorgeous they looked the last time you saw them. Try not to use the words “hot” or “fit” to describe their appearance, as those aren’t the words that will turn them on.

Explain how their outfit made you feel. Did their dress highlight the curves you love so much? Did the colour bring out the beauty of their eyes? Tell them that and they will remember how sexy they felt at the time, which will help to turn them on.

Take your time

The main problem that people encounter when they are trying out sexting for the first time is that they jump straight in. They’ll go from “hi” to “I’d love to bend you over and fuck you in the ass” without stopping. If you were to think of it like sex, that would be jumping straight to it without foreplay. Not a good idea.

Start to slowly work your way from one thing to the other. Let it be natural, and take cues from them as to when you need to move on to another topic.

If you find that you aren’t moving forward, that is when you can start to move forward. However, you shouldn’t rush. Going from “you are so sexy and beautiful” to “I’d pound your pussy” is just going to irritate them, and you’ll find the messages stop pretty quickly.

Ask questions

If you are finding it difficult to think of hot and dirty sexts to send your partner, just think how they will feel. They might also be struggling to think of good replies, so make sure you ask questions.

Asking questions serves two purposes. The first, it will help you paint a visual picture in your head about exactly what they are doing. If you ask what they are doing and they tell you they are lying in the bath, you can imagine them in the water with the bubbles touching their tits.

The second, it actually gives your partner something to respond to. You describing what you would do if you were there is good, but unless you give them some sort of cue to reply to they might feel as though it is pretty one sided.

Share your fantasies

Sending dirty texts is the perfect way to talk about your fantasies. You can be open and honest about what you want, without having to face them directly to see their reaction. It also gives your partner time to think about what you’ve said and reply in the best way, instead of reacting instantly to your words.

If you want to try something new with them, you can talk about it in a sexy text message. Start by slowly introducing the idea, such as suggesting you tie their hands together for a little bit of tie and tease or that you want to stroke their legs if you want to try and explore your foot fetish.

However, if they don’t react the way that you wanted to, don’t feel bad about it and leave it alone. You can move onto something else instead of dwelling on why they didn’t like it and save that discussion for another time.
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Pictures aren’t important

Sending and receiving pictures when sexting has its pros and cons. You could send them if you both feel comfortable, but you don’t have to. It might seem like it, but pictures aren’t important for successful sexting.

If you partner does send you a dirty picture, take your time looking at it. We know it’ll hardly be a challenge for you to look at it, but notice the details. Does their ass look really hot in that pose? Do their boobs look amazing? Tell them that in your reply. You can also use this as an opportunity to share your own picture, and you will find them replying to your message in the same way. It can get very hot very quickly!

Do you enjoy sending dirty text messages, or do you prefer phone sex? Do you hate using technology for sex altogether? You can let us know by leaving a comment in the box, or you could check out what others are saying on the Escort Norway forum.

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