Roleplay Scenarios For You To Try

Who could look away from the sight of a woman in a sleek nurse uniform, who is tendering to your fake wounds in bed by giving you kisses? If that doesn’t turn you on, well, how about a policewoman cuffing you to the bed while she rips off your clothes? Welcome to the world of roleplay

sexy nurse with syringe
Young adlut in nurse costume – isolated on white

We all would like to try a roleplay that would get our dicks hard and our pussies wet, whether it would be a sexy scene from a movie or seeing something happen on the streets that make us go ‘Oooh…’. Why don’t you place a chair in the middle of the room where your partner would pretend to be Sharon Stone from ‘Basic Instinct’, or stick a pole in the living room and get your sexy companion to dance on it like Demi Moore in ‘Striptease’?

If you’re stuck on what kind of sexual fantasy you want to experiment on, here are a few ideas that could get your cock throbbing hard in minutes.

Roleplay – Staying at work after hours…

Have you ever watched ‘Secretary’? I don’t know why I’m talking about films in this article; maybe it’s because I prefer to watch sex scenes rather than porn…Even though the theme of BDSM is dominant in this film, it still portrayed the taboo of coworker relationships. You imagine that you’re trapped in a cleaning room with your colleague, and your colleague kept saying:

“No, Tom! We can’t do it! We work together.”

But you’re defiant and you say:

“But it feels so right, Janice! Look at us, we can’t keep ourselves apart!”

…I’m just trying to give you some imagination here.

If this type of taboo is what you would love to try out, get yourself a nice, crisp suit with a black tie and black shoes. Ask your lady to put on her tightest black skirt, a soft white blouse, and a nice pair of heels. You would play as the manager and she would play as the secretary. You call her into your fake office and ask her to close the door. From there, you tell her to bend over your desk and read out the appendix about relationships with coworkers at work, while you lift her skirt up…

Trying to attempt a prison break!

No one can deny cuffing their sexy companion to prison bars and strip her from her overalls. But if you don’t have bars in your home then it can be quite difficult to perform this kind of fantasy. Nonetheless, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

You’ve all seen the traditional black and white striped clothing that the burglars would wear? Believe it or not, I’m making a reference to the McDonalds Hamburglar costume. If the thought of sexually punishing your partner for stealing your burgers isn’t appealing, then it’s best to get some inspiration from the porn videos made by ‘Kink’.

You would often see James Deen in a police officer uniform, cuffing Stoya or Asphyxia Noir to the bars and licking their asses before going balls deep in them. To do this lustrous fantasy, you had better make sure that you and your partner are dressed up for the part.

Her wrists are locked in a pair of metal cuffs and only you have the key to unlock them. She’s on her knees in front of you, with her hands together like she’s praying before begging to you:

“Please officer! What can I do to get out of these cuffs?”

You raise one of your eyebrows and you give her a cheeky smile.

“Well, miss…”

That’s the moment when you lift her up and place her on your bed, while her ass is rubbing against your crotch and you start to unzip your trousers.

Feeling up Sleeping Beauty…

You know that favourite fairy tale you’ve always wanted to hear before you doze off? Well, prepare to get that childhood memory tainted! This type of fantasy is quite popular in porn videos, but it doesn’t involve roses and long medieval dress.

Normally, you would see someone sleeping peacefully in bed, when suddenly a ‘friend’ walks into her bedroom and starts to undress himself, before caressing her body and thrusting his dick inside her…slowly. Although, I do have to remind you that you do need consent first, this fantasy is one of the people’s favourites and you can see why through all the amateur videos they’ve uploaded onto ‘xvideos’.

Obviously, your companion would feel your shaft thrust into her pussy which will wake her up. But you know that your partner is pretending to sleep and she’s just playing along with you.

Sleep sex gives me a good start to the morning, from there it can progress into actual morning sex. For some reason, I always wake up after my partner does, so every time I open my eyes a hand is on one of my tits and his hot cock is in between my legs.

Unless you two are already comfortable with each other, make sure you discuss this fantasy with your companion and see whether she would be up for it or not. If she is, then you can either spoon her until she’s in a lucid dream. From then, you begin to stroke her soft skin and shower her in kisses, before you slide your hand down her pants and hear her moan tenderly while she’s still ‘asleep’…

‘I’m just going to loosen up my buttons, baby…’

There is nothing more appealing than watching your woman take off her clothes in front of you, with some slow music playing in the background. Stripteasing revolves around the idea that it is a private show for your eyes only; that is why couples would only do it when they’re alone in their homes.

To start off the private show, you had better find a comfy chair to sit on, like a sofa or somewhere you can spread your legs out wide. Your lady would be standing in front you while she’s wearing a pair of glossy, black heels, a sultry dress, and bright red lipstick. She turns on the CD player where Peggy Lee or Nelly Furtado is singing in the background.

Her hips begin to sway from side to side and she trails her finger to her buttons before she undoes them. All you have to do is watch while she takes off her clothing piece by piece.

From there, she would take the session further and give you an erotic lap dance by grinding her crotch against yours as feel your dick rise up in your pants. You’d have to try as much as you can to not touch her, as it’s all part of the fantasy! Roleplay really does open up a new world!

If you’re kinky and you know it, clap your hands!

Finally, who could forget the old whips and chains of sexual pain and pleasure?! You can choose who would like to be the dominant and who would like to be the submissive. I would often choose to be the submissive, but there are times when I feel like putting on a pair of leather high-heeled boots and have a handsome man kneel down before me. It doesn’t matter which roles you and your partner would play, as long as you’re both happy with it and you’ll get some fun out of it too.

With this roleplay, you can use all the different kinds of gadgets you want. Handcuffs, whips, rope, chains, leather, latex, pads, vibrators, butt plugs, and so on! If you’re a bit strapped for cash, you can always find a rolling pin, a spatula or some string which can be used as substitutes.

What’s a BDSM roleplay if it doesn’t include spanking? You can use the bed posts to tie your partner’s wrists on, blindfold her with your ties, or make her walk over to you in her high heels before you force her to bend over your lap. Speaking of high heels, there are bondage shoes with handcuffs to force your companion to bend over and stay that way! While you’re indulging in this fantasy, make sure that you have a safe word to use in case the session gets too intense.

Not all of these fantasies will cater to everyone’s interest. Some people might think that a particular roleplay would be too mild, whereas others would think that it’s too extreme to handle. But if you’re ever stuck for an idea on how to surprise your gorgeous girl in the bedroom, make sure you add this article to your bookmarks on your Google Chrome or Firefox!

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