Prostitute Survives Stabbing In Neck!

It’s hardly surprising that many prostitutes and sex works feel they are at risk every day, especially with the number of attacks and murders we see hitting the newsstands lately.

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Now it seems photos have been released of a man in business suit on a seemingly normal stroll, but these photos actually show him only moments before he attacked a prostitute and stabbed her in the neck.

We take a look at what could have led to this and give you the full story.

Seeking some company

The images show Matthew Graham seemingly on a completely normal walk. He simply went out looking for some company… or at least that is what he liked to believe. It was in Rochdale that he went looking for someone to spend some time with, while wearing a suit and tie and high on cannabis.

Most people will tell you that going to find a prostitute to have sex with while high of cannabis is a bad idea, and you can understand why.

The 29 year old looked around the area in order to find someone to meet with, and then he spotted someone. This 30 year old prostitute seemed to be just who he was looking for, and so he approached her.

Rob Hall, the prosecutor in this case, tells us that “the complainant was approached by Mr Graham who asked if she would be interested in business. She said she would be, so Graham told her to wait for a few minutes to join him in a nearby location under the footbridge.”

Meeting up

The two then met under the bridge, but instead of him getting some great sex and her some money, something horrifying happened, as Rob Hall describes the attack:

“He was violent to her, causing grazing to her head as it struck the wall, and as she responded Graham took out a serrated kitchen knife with a seven-and-a-half inch blade.”

It is the stuff of nightmares, but it gets far worse. This knife wasn’t purely there to threaten with, and Graham decided to use it.

Man hits woman in yellow
Domestic violence at home

According to the prosecution, Graham “put it through her neck from one side to the other. Such was the force, the handle snapped off and Graham then ran from the scene.”

Getting help

As Graham fled the scene, passers-by saw the woman with the blade of the knife still lodged in her neck. Obviously they went to help, and the woman was eventually taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary where they were able to remove the blade.

The woman miraculously survived this savage attack, and is set to make a full recovery. However, she spoke out about the incident and the things that prostitutes like her face on a regular basis.

“I have already experienced tragedy in my life and have been left feeling very vulnerable.”

Police investigating at the same described the incident as an “unprovoked and vicious attack” that the woman was lucky to have survived‚Ķ so what led to this almost-tragedy happening in the first place?


Of course, inquiries were made once the police were able to use DNA evidence on the knife to link him to the attack, and it was found that “the attack had been triggered by Graham’s abuse of cannabis.”

However, it wasn’t just drugs to blame, as the court found out that he had been suffereing with “paranoid schizophrenia” which manifested itself in “violent fantasies and graphic imagery of hurting various people”.

As a result, Graham has been hospitalised under the Mental Health Act indefinitely to protect himself and the public following the incident, which is good news as he can get the help he needs while making sure the public is safe.

The prosecution spoke out saying that “it is quite clear Mr Graham was struggling with his mental health and indeed he perhaps replaced his medication with cannabis which made the circumstances a lot worse than they might have been.”

Still held for protection

At present, it seems that Graham is still being held. One of the psychiatrists working with him said that he is “slowly responding” to the treatment he is being given, however they are “concerned about a relapse.”

“There is a lack of antecedents but the index offence is of a very grave nature and followed a period where he had been non-compliant with psychiatric care.”

However, the Judge sentencing in this case, Michael Henshell, said “I know that you are remorseful for what you did. You now realise that it was a terrible thing you committed and the harm caused could have been much greater.”

The Judge also decided to draw attention the victim in the case and how this incident has changed her life. He pointed out that, following the severe injuries she has faced, that “the woman was fortunate to survive.”

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Just another story?

The unfortunate part of this is that it is yet another story where a sex worker has been attacked where they work. Not only that, but we can just imagine the comments on this. They will focus on the victim and how “it is a dangerous job”.

There is nothing that you can say to justify to me that these women deserve the things that happen to them. It is unacceptable. However, we have to commend the people who have seen that Graham needed help and given him the appropriate assistance he needs. Hopefully we won’t hear of any other incidents like this in the future.

Hopefully the woman will also make a full recovery soon, although whether she will want to brave the streets again is another matter entirely. How do you feel about this case? Is the sentencing, by sending Graham to a mental health unit indefinitely, fair?

You can let us know your views, whether you agree, disagree, or think they have missed the point completely, by visiting the Escort Norway forum. You could also put your comment in the box below to let us know your thoughts.

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