Pornhub Gives Users Achievements!

Anyone who plays video games will know that the creators like to give you achievements for accomplishing certain things in the game. It’s their way of bringing you back to fully explore the game, and has proved effective. Now, Pornhub has decided to do the same for its users with their own unique achievements.
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Achievements for everyone!

Just like with games, there are some that you can get immediately, such as “Verified”, where you confirm the account through your email address. It is a badge of honour to show other users that you are, as they say, “the real deal”. You can even get one for signing in with a mobile device, encouraging you to view on the go.

Six years

However, some of the achievements may take a while to get. While it may seem simple enough to watch videos and get an achievement, “The Connoisseur” requires you to watch 50,000 videos. If you thought that might be challenging, one of the rarer achievements is to have a six year old account.

Signing up

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