Pornhub Are Now Offering Scholarships!

It sounds like a dream doesn’t it? The internet is currently going absolutely mad because the porn site Pornhub is offering a new $25,000 college scholarship. It might sound simple, but there’s a catch. The student will be partially judged on a video submission to the site that basically answers “how do you strive to make others happy?”

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Of course, everyone is going mad for this idea. Some think it is a work of genius, while others think it is pretty low to try and tempt legal teens into entering the porn industry. We take a look at just what the offer is all about.

Almost 80 billion views each year

It is no secret that Pornhub is something of a giant in the world of porn. Their website has risen to the top faster than you can say “porno” and they call themselves “the world’s biggest XXX porno tube” on their website. They describe themselves as “the most complete and revolutionary porn tube site” with just under 80 billion online video views each year, so it is no surprise that they are constantly coming out with things to shock and awe the public.

Over the years they have stunned people not only with the huge variety of porn that is available, but also with the many things that they are doing to try and help the environment. There was the wankband, which allowed the user to charge their various devices, such as phones or laptops, while they were jerking off. They also announced that, for every 100 videos watched in the big dick category, they would plant a tree.

They were also eager to be the very first to shoot a porn film in space, and set up a crowd funding campaign online to see if they could get the money they needed to take the next step in sexploration. However, the campaign ended after two months with only 7% of their target reached… and that was with the funders donating just over $230,000.

Things like that aren’t going to stop them though, as they are constantly coming up with new ideas to change the face of porn. Lately they have been all about becoming the Netflix of porn where you can watch exclusive porn content on demand for a fixed fee each month.

It all sounds very exciting, but for those eager to simply watch the free porn they have on their website it is frustrating when you can’t find more of the content you want. However, Pornhub are constantly trying to get people submitting new videos onto the site, and what better way than by offering a scholarship to get them online?

The impressive offer

Well, Pornhub have come up with a great scholarship offer for those who can help to expand the website. As they say “we work hard to help make millions of people feel happy every single day. In turn, we would like to help support the recipient of the first annual Pornhub Cares Scholarship to realize their goal of doing the same.”

The entrants have some strict rules to follow. For a start, they must have a grand point average of 3.2 or higher in college, and they must also submit official transcripts to show this. Not only do they have to submit an essay answering “how do you strive to make others happy”, but they must also have a two to five minute video to submit, which will be made public on the website.

The vice president of Pornhub, Mr Corey Price, spoke out about the move by saying “we’re always looking at different ways we can give back and we thought helping someone to go to college would be a great way. Part of our inspiration is that we’ve seen a lot of people have a hard time getting money to go to college. We want to make it easier for one person who shares the same mission of spreading happiness.”

It sounds enticing, but unsurprisingly there are many groups out there who have hit out at the porn website for this offer.

fighting back

Dawn Hawkins of the National Center of Sexual Exploitation has said that the scholarship is nothing more than “an amazing and deceptive marketing tactic”, which is dangerous as “a lot of younger people don’t realize the consequences and harm of pornography.”

She isn’t the only one to speak out about Pornhub’s unusual offer, and many are hitting social media to express their views. Some have described it as “disgusting” and that the entire thing “gives a new meaning to the term ‘hard up for cash'”.

Of course, it seems that those discussing their displeasure at this bold move from Pornhub haven’t actually taken the time to read about it, as it seems that the last thing the porn site want is porn. Yes, really. In fact, Price said that, while nudity wouldn’t be a disqualifying factor for the video, those submitting a sex video or tutorial “will not be seriously considered”. As he says, the site has plenty of amateur videos anyway, and they simply want to give back to the community and allow someone to get a scholarship simply by explaining how they are constantly striving to make others happy. “Showing how you spread happiness in a sex vid is not what we’re aiming for. This is not about you making a homemade porn and winning a scholarship.”

Well, now that this has all been cleared up, what do you make of this? Is it a great idea from Pornhub to show that they feel college education is important, or will it encourage those submitting videos to start creating their own porn? I’m not sure if it would, but there are those out there who insist it would. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below or by heading over to the Escort Norway forum and joining in the discussion there.

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