How To Be The Perfect Date For An Escort

Sometimes, the best way to end a busy week is to enjoy a date with an escort. Escorts are the perfect companions, no matter where you go, and their beauty and skills mean you have a smile on your face every moment you are with them.
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Yet being the date of an escort can put a lot of pressure on you. You want to ensure you are the perfect client for an escort, that you are someone they would happily meet again if you get the chance. You want to enjoy your time together, make it memorable, and ensure they have as good a time as you do.

Here on the Escort Norway blog, we have a few tips on how to be the perfect date for an escort, no matter where you go for your date.

The right attitude

Having the right attitude when meeting an escort can make all of the difference. You may have booked them for their time and companionship, but if they feel uncomfortable or mistreated in any way they can end the booking. The power is in their hands, and so you must have the right attitude when going to the booking.

Manners and being polite cost nothing. Tell the sexy escort that you are pleased to meet them, and thank them for their time afterwards. If you find yourself blown away by their appearance when they first meet you, pay them a nice compliment. Not just “you’re hot”. Say something like “you look incredible”.

Part of having the right attitude is treating them with respect. Escorts are often disrespected in the media, and made out to be many things. The truth is they aren’t. They are men and women who simply enjoy the company of others, and if you treat them with respect you will find your meeting to be even more enjoyable.

As you are paying for their time and companionship, make sure you have the right amount of money for them. Don’t make them ask for it, as that can sour the moment. Try not to need change in return, as this can delay the start of your appointment and can be embarrassing if the escort hasn’t the change to give you.
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Treat it like a date

For whatever reason, some clients feel that a date with an escort isn’t the real thing, and they don’t have to act as they would on a date. If that is how you choose to do it, fine. However, if you treat it like any other date, you will find it to be even more enjoyable, and the escort will appreciate being treated well.

Take the time to get ready. A long shower or bath can make a huge difference, and dressing smart for the occasion will show the escort that you take this seriously. Yes, you will have fun together, but that is no reason to not put the effort in. After all, you would be disappointed if you turned up after taking the time to get ready to find your chosen escort hadn’t.

Some clients choose to give their chosen escort an additional gift to say thank you for their time. It can be anything, from a small item you saw that reminded you of them, or their favourite perfume. Check with the escort to see how they feel about gifts. They may have some suggestions to ensure it is something they will really appreciate.

What are you top escort date tips? You can share them here by leaving a comment down below, or you can go to the Escort Norway forum and join the debate there.

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