Norway is Going Crazy Over Sophie Elise Isachsen!

Every country in the world has a favourite starlet or ‘it’ girl that they cannot stop getting horny over. For Norway, it has a lot of favourite starlets like Mia Malkova, Christy Mack, and Farrah Abraham.

People from all over Europe, in general, go mad over the hottest women that hit their TV and laptop screens. And sometimes, those people cannot help but delve into their own sexual fantasies with the hot ladies that become rising topics. With that being said, there is one woman that is receiving a lot of attention from Norwegian men right now, and she never thought that her work would make those men type her name into Google.

Who is Sophie Elise Isachsen?

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According to her official website, she doesn’t know what to call herself. From what I’ve gathered, she’s a full-time blogger, DJ, writer, TV personality; a full-time pretty face that’s accompanied with a hot body and creativity.

“Jeg var en uteseendefiksert ung jente men samtidig med dybde, og jeg var lei av å bli misforstått i den lille byen jeg kommer fra.”

Sophie Elise’s life under Norway’s eye began when she was posting videos on the net from her laptop in her small room in Harstad. The starlet only speaks and writes in Norwegian, but the quote translates that she was sick of being misunderstood in the town that she was raised in.

Tired of feeling like a big fish in a little pond, Sophie Elise aspired and worked to get nominated and voted as one of Norway’s top bloggers, in which she had succeeded in the process. After gaining a lot of exposure, she transferred from little Harstad to big Oslo; the place where all the magic happens for budding Norwegian personalities that want to see their names in bright lights.

So…what kind of thing does Sophie Elise post?

While I was trying to find some of her websites that I could translate into English because, you know, I don’t know a single word in Norwegian, or Swedish, or Danish, or any Scandinavian language whatsoever, I ended up finding her Instagram instead. You know what guys are like with Instagram, right? They type in a hashtag in the search engine like #hot, #sexy, or #boobs, then they start double-tapping every picture that they see on their iPhones and Samsung Galaxies.

After scrolling through her countless selfies on the app, I suddenly thought that it was naïve of me to question why she is SO popular. That’s not to take away any credibility of her talents; Sophie Elise is gorgeous, and as I’ve mentioned a couple of times already, she has a hot body! I’m not sure what was with her phase of her black-and-white-polaroid-esque photos, but you know what millennials are like; softcore porn with an aesthetic touch is what gets them a lot of reach and user experience.

Why is Norway getting hot and horny of Sophie Elise?

mood. ps når fikk kylie jenner enerett på å flashe kroppen sin på sosiale medier????

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Do you really need me to answer that question for you? Well, yes, because there is actually more than one answer to this question.

Aside from posting sexy pictures of herself on Instagram, she constantly writes about her anecdotes and stories on her blog, which often revolved around marijuana, alcohol, and tits. Lots of tits. After translating some of her blog posts, I can understand why Norwegians are typing in ‘Sophie Elise Isachsen’ and ‘porn’ in the same search engine; not because she might have had some experience in that industry, but more for the subtle ‘bad girl’ image that she portrays.

If you’re going to try to find nude pictures or porn videos of the blogger, don’t bother; you’ll only find a lot of pictures of her in her bikinis and lingerie. But hey, just because she’s not naked in her photos, doesn’t mean that she’s undesirable amongst her fans and followers. However, if you’re thinking about sending unsolicited dick pics to her Instagram, then you’ll have to answer to her boyfriend that does a few vlogs and records with her.

Don’t worry about it, though. Like all of the people that pray there is a porno involving Sophie Elise Isachsen on the internet, it’s ok to dream about her every night at 11:37 PM.

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