Woman Admits Being ‘New York’s Noisiest Lover’ After Loud Sex Complaints

A woman has admitted that she is ‘New York’s loudest lover’ after people began to blame her pregnant daughter for the incredibly loud sex noises.

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Olga Valerio, 49, and her younger lover Byron Perez, got the title after people complained about their loud sex six times in just three months.

Looking Out For Her Family

Hairstylist Olga was at first reluctant to admit that she was the source of the screams, but had to come clean when her daughter Dahiana was accused instead.

Speaking to the New York Post , she said: “At the beginning I was so embarrassed, but now I’m okay with it. I said, ‘If I need to tell the whole story, I’ll do it.’ I’m doing this for Dahiana.”

Olga’s fourth floor apartment was named in a report which listed the most complained about places for noisy sex.

After reading the report, many people got the impression Dahiana, 31, and Byron were responsible for the sex noises. Consequently her photos were splashed across various local news outlets.

Unsurprisingly she started to get unwanted attention, with one guy offering her $40,000 for sex.

Even worse, many people thought she was having sex with her Mum’s boyfriend.

She told the Post : “My father is like really old-fashioned, very caught in the old traditional ways, so for him it was like, ‘What? You’re in the paper with your mom’s boyfriend?”

“My mom and I have always had a good relationship, but not open like that.”

That would be one hell of good relationship if stuff like that went on.

The mum-of-four said she had no idea their sexual antics were so loud.

Bryon however admits the couple used to leave their bedroom window wide open during sex, but claims they no longer do this.

Is She Putting it On?

I have to say, I do wonder how loud they must be? Surely if you are THAT loud, you are faking it? Is the fact that the window was left open, coupled with exaggerated sex noises, a deliberate attempt to bring attention to themselves? People will do anything to get themselves famous these days, it has to be said.

There is another possible explanation. A British study last year stated that 85% of women make lots of noise during sex just to boost their partner’s self esteem. I thought that was absolutely fascinating.

Well, despite her not being the best looking woman who has appeared on our pages, I would love an evening with her just to find out what she is like. It would certainly be an experience.

I have heard lots of different feedback from clients on Escort Norway as to whether they like a woman who is really noisy during sex. Some find it really horny, whilst others finding it at best annoying, and at worst off-putting.

The loud sex seems certainly to do it for Byron, but I would suspect if they don’t stop pissing the neighbours off, they are going to get their windows put through.

They will certainly make a lot of noise then.

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