Naked Woman Stuck In Chimney!

Trying to win back an ex can be hard. Sometimes, the easiest thing to do is to let them go, but for one woman in California that wasn’t acceptable. She wanted to win her old boyfriend back.
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She decided that the best way to do it was to try and seduce him. She would arrive at his, strip down, and show him just what he was missing. So far it sounds like a normal idea. However, when the woman arrived she found the door locked and was unable to get in.

The logical thing to do then would be to call the man you are trying to seduce and get them to open the door for you. If I were ever in that situation, that is what I’d do. After all, 5am is probably not the best time to go and seduce someone, is it?

Yet this woman, in her infinite wisdom, decided that she would still surprise him. So climbed onto the roof, removed her clothes so he would have a nice naked treat, and tried to shimmy her way down the chimney.

Stuck fast

There’s a part of your brain that is supposed to warn you when the things you are thinking might not work out. I believe it is called common sense. Clearly, this woman had not thought about what would happen if you try to climb down a chimney.

You can probably guess what happened next – she got stuck in the chimney naked. The 35 year old woman found herself well and truly stuck fast in the chimney, and so had to call for help from her ex-lover.

Can you imagine waking up to your ex-girlfriend crying “help, I’m stuck naked in your chimney”? I’m pretty sure if that ever happened to me, I’d go back to sleep thinking it was all a weird dream.

Firefighters to the rescue

Her ex-partner, however, took the cries seriously. After attempting for some time to help her, he called for the only people who could help you when an old lover becomes stuck in your chimney – firefighters.

After rescue arrived, it took over two hours for the firefighters to get the woman out of the chimney. She was so wedged in there that they ended up having to break the fireplace to go to her, which I’m certain is not the way she had been hoping the seduction would go. She was, however, rescued by some pretty hunky and sexy firemen, which is always a plus!

She was taken to the hospital, where she was given a check-up and discovered to have only minor injuries, sooty legs, and bruised confidence.

How to seduce someone

There are better ways to seduce someone. A simpler (and less risky) way of doing it would be to arrange a romantic meal for you and your partner and take it from there. You can slide your foot slowly up the inside of their leg and bite your lip at them to let you know you’re having naughty thoughts about what you can do later.

Do you think this woman managed to get things sorted with her and her ex, or do you think he is keeping his distance from the woman who became stuck in his chimney? Do you have a better story of a seduction gone wrong? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment down below or head over to the Escort Norway forums and join the discussion.

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Anna Smith

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Anna Smith

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