Naked Woman In Couples Bath Tub Gives Her Version Of Events!

Last year I was reading this amazing story of a woman who allegedly crawled into a couples home through a doggy door, and was then found naked by the pair sat in their bath.

Now I am not usually one to rush to judgement, but I was of three minds as to what had happened here. Either she was a drunk/druggie, she was mental or she was having an affair with the guy and had for some reason turned up at his house.

Well, in an interview with MTV News, Sara Elizabeth Soto, 25 explained why, in her opinion she did what she did and caused herself to get charged with trespass and criminal damage.

A Different Story

Sara, who raps under the name ‘Sara Toke -A-Lot’ (I’m going to guess she smokes pot) claimed that the incident began that night when she was told she had been adopted.

“So obviously I wanted to get away from my house. I just found out the truth… I’d just found out I don’t know who my father or mother is.”

“I tried driving, my ass tries driving west. I got to Weatherford and it was late. I had spun out of control because of an 18-wheeler, and I wind up in a ditch. I manage to make it out of there, walk down the freeway — somebody offered to help me, but they were super scary. I made it to the cop station at 12:45, 1:00 in the morning. I’m like, ‘Hey, I was in an accident.’ I explained to the cop where it happened. He gets my car towed.”

“I thought [the cop] was going to help me get help. I ask to use a phone to call my mom. … These are his exact words: ‘That’s not my problem; there’s a gas station three blocks that way.’ The cop did not help me call my mom — he sent me walking in a little black dress. … I didn’t have any money. Nothing’s open, I bet. … It was a good bit past midnight.”

“I walk toward some houses — maybe somebody will let me use their phone. I knocked on six houses and nobody opened the door. … I was scared ’cause I was by myself. What if [someone] brings me in the house and that’s the last you ever hear of me?

“I start going to people’s backyards. I’ve NEVER broken into a house before. I have music in my head, I have Led Zeppelin going, I’m in ninja mode. [I decide] I’ll grab a cell phone, call my mom and leave. I’ll meet her at an intersection. I’m going by windows in people’s backyards, and I’m nervous. I see this doggy door.”

Getting Naked

It was at this point she had the great idea about getting naked.


“What went through my mind subconsciously was, if I take off my dress at this doggy door, I cannot get blamed for stealing anything [or having a weapon] if I have nowhere to put it. Two, the shock factor. If somebody were to be in there, whether it was a male or female, they’d ask me, ‘Are you OK?’

“So I take off my dress and panties at the doggy door, so they wouldn’t shoot me…so they’re not scared of me stealing or trying to kill anybody.”

“I allegedly went through the doggy door — I didn’t go through it! Everybody’s wrong… I put my hands through the doggy door and unlock the door…and walk in.

“I don’t see a phone and the alarm sounded and I was like, ‘S–t,’ but I was already in the house. I saw one door, it was the bathroom, so I sit in there. … The husband says, ‘It must’ve been an animal.’ … He keeps looking around the house, peeps his head in and sees me.

“I guess I did have a smile on my face like they said in the articles — it was just one of those faces, like, ‘Hello!’ Hoping he’d be, like, ‘What the f–k?’ and just let me out of here. He’s like, ‘Honey, there’s a girl in the bathroom,’ and [the wife] goes, ‘CALL THE COPS!’

Sara was arrested, and was later filmed in the back of a police car, seemingly under the influence, although this is an allegation she strenuously denies.

Denials By Police

Now before we go further, it has to be said, the police seriously question Sara’s version of events, saying they have no record of an incident with a truck (just that she drove into a ditch) and that no policeman would ever refuse to let her use a phone.

Now I no idea what happened here. Maybe if you take the original story, and Sara’s explanation, the truth is somewhere in the middle?

I have to say, Sara. She can definitely turn up naked at my house any time she likes. She would certainly grace the pages of Bergen escorts any day of the week.

It does go to show though. You should never take a story at face value!

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