Naked Man Found Sleeping In Couples Bed!

Have you ever heard the story of ‘The Three Bears’ and the famous fairytale line ‘who’s been sleeping in my bed?’. Well, that is all I could think about when I read the story of a New Mexico man who faces charges after a couple found him sleeping naked in their bed.

Authorities say 30-year-old Freddy Shelby of Albuquerque was arrested after the homeowners called police to report their unwanted visitor.

One can just imagine the shock the couple felt having a naked guy who they didn’t know in their bedroom.


Apparently Shelby broke into the couple’s home through a window and grabbed a Sprite from the fridge before falling asleep in the bedroom.

Bearded long haired guy found sleeping in couples bed

Officers turned up at the man and called to him. However, he must have been in a pretty deep sleep as he slept through it!

It was only when they ripped the sheets off him that he woke up!

He later told the officers that he thought he was in his girlfriends home. Without jumping to conclusions, one suspects her may have been under the influence of something!

A Recurring Theme

This is not the first time the Escort Norway blog has brought you a tale of a naked person turning up at someones house. Only last week we told you about an American girl who was found naked in a couples bath. I have to say though, when you compare pictures of the two, I know it is the lady in the tub who I would want round my place un-invited rather than the guy.

I really think people need to drink less and lay off the drugs! Just a thought!

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