The Four Biggest Male Sex Mistakes

No man deliberately makes mistakes in bed. Unless we are real jerks, we want to give pleasure to the woman with us. Hey, even the real narcissists often want to please the woman, even if it is just to boost their own ego.

Couple lying in bed is not talking after argument

Still, it is safe to say that we all make mistakes. And the girls on our site tell us that there are particular errors that it seems that most guys make.

You want to know what they are? Well, here we go!

1) One Size Fits All

Guys have a tendency to take what has worked for a previous partner and just presume that it will work for their new one. They pay no attention to the woman’s breath or body motion.

Heads up; women are all different and they react to different things. Listen to them!

2) Not Enough Foreplay

I don’t know how many times we have to say it, but foreplay isn’t just the time it takes for the guy to get hard. Women REALLY need it as it takes so much longer for the woman to get to orgasm. If the guy just does minimal foreplay, then a few minutes of actual sex, then she has very little chance of getting where she wants to go.

3) Thinking Intercourse Will Give Her an Orgasm

Maybe we have all been watching too much porn, but here is the news. Most women find it much easier to orgasm when they are receiving oral sex than when they are having full intercourse. This is because the guy can pay attention to the clitoris with his tongue a lot easier than when he is pumping in and out with his penis.

4) Not Paying Attention When The Deed is Done

It is perfectly natural for guys to want to sleep after sex as a chemical is released that helps us nod off. It is a reason many men like to jerk off to help them sleep.

Still, many women are much more emotional than guys, so for that number, it can look as though they have been used as a sex doll if they guy turns over right away and goes to sleep.

Give her a cuddle, even if it is just for a few minutes. It will likely make her feel a lot better!

There are obviously plenty of other mistakes men make in bed, but we have found that these are the top ones. Make sure you don’t do them and you will be better than at least 90% of you peers.

You can’t complain at that can you? Neither will she!

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Martin Ward

Martin Ward is a well respected editor and writer with over five years experience in the adult industry. After stints in the Escort Advertising call centre and on the escort forum, he moved into the site editor position around three years ago.

Since then, he has specialised in articles on the battle for equal rights for sex workers, sexual health, as well as bringing the readers fun news from around the world. He also has a major interest in LGBT rights, and is an active campaigner in this field.

When he isn't fighting the good fight, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, and young daughter. He also enjoys reading and taking long walks.
Martin Ward
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