Man Jerks Off On Top Of Cliff…And Falls Off!

A man who was masturbating at the top of a cliff in Oregan, USA, had to be rescued from a river after falling in.

Ernest Micheal Kirk, 31, fell into the Willamette River, whilst playing with himself in front of shocked members of the public. The incident took place in broad daylight.

Police had attempted to reason with the 31-year-old, who was wanted by police for parole violation. However, it made no difference, as he continued jerking off.

He only stopped when he passed out and fell off the cliff.

Man who fell in water

‘Pulled’ To Safety

He was pulled to safety and taken to hospital to be examined before later being arrested for public indecency, harassment and parole violation.Police say they believe he may have been under ‘the influence of some type of controlled substance’.You don’t say?

Drugs can make you do some pretty bad things. In June the Escort Norway blog brought you a tale of a nude woman who broke into a couples house and flooded it whilst under the influence.

I do sometimes wonder why governments seem more concerned about the escort industry than dealing with issues that do real harm; like drugs.

However, that is an argument I will save for another day!

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Martin Ward

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