Man Eats His Own Hip As a Piece Of Art!

We Norwegians are a strange bunch. Maybe it is something to do with the cold and the snow, but there are certainly a fair share of offbeat characters in our beloved country. However, few will be weirder than artist Alexander Selvik Wengshoel, 25, who pushed the boundaries of art, and arguably decency to the limit.

A Crazy Idea

Alex, after having a hip replacement took his old bone home as a sort of souvenir. It was then that he came up with the idea of cooking and eating it.

He said that he had first boiled the bone to loosen the small handful of flesh attached to it, and then fried the meat which came off.

Man with bulging eyes looking shocked

“First I just had a little taster, but since it tasted good, I made it a full dinner of it. It was a very exciting and stimulating. It was so personal.”

Asked how the meat had tasted, Wengshoel replied that it had tasted like “wild sheep”.

Wengshoel made his startling claim at the Tromso Academy of Contemporary Art, where he has a display.

The bone actually constitutes part of his work, so one wonders if this is the ultimate publicity stunt? Still, you know these artists, they tread that fine line between genius and insane, so really, it wouldn’t surprise me if he has actually done it!

Each To Their Own

I like to try some crazy things out once every now and again. I love doing things with the Oslo domination escorts that would make some peoples hair curl. But even I wouldn’t start eating my own hipbone as it just seems a little too nutty for my liking.

Still, isn’t that what real acceptance is? Alex never harmed a soul with his wacky escapades, and as long as what he is doing hurts no-one, who are we to judge?

Good luck to you Mr Wengshoel. If you want to eat your own body feel free. Just don’t Judge me for preferring a chicken dinner instead!

Anna Smith

Anna Smith

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Anna Smith

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