Man Busted For Naked Sunbathing Near Church!

A man in Utah is at the centre of a nudity storm after sunbathing naked in his garden. Unfortunately for 76 year old Myron Lee Kip, he was visible to people attending te local church which he lives next door to!

Court documents show a police officer went Kipp’s house after being alerted by neighbours who were complaining they could see a naked man from the church parking lot. Apparently Kipp’s backyard fence is chain link with no privacy slats.

When confronted by the police officer, a stark naked Kipp stated that it was his property and he could do what he wanted.

He has pleaded not guilty to lewdness charges.

old man mugshot

Unintentional, But Likely Guilty

It could be a lot worse. Last week we brought you a case of a man who was masturbating in public on top of a cliff, and then unfortunately (for him) fell into the river. You can see why Mr Kipp thinks he should be allowed to sunbathe in his own place.

Still, I think he is screwed. If you know you can be seen from outside, the ‘it’s my home’ argument isn’t going to hold water at all.

I can only imagine what the unfortunate churchgoers had to look at

One suspects that Myron Lee Kipp will need to either get a better quality fence or put some bloody clothes on when he is sunbathing!

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