Man Beats Girl in ’50 Shades Re-enactment’

Anyone who has read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, and who understands anything about BDSM will know that this book and film gives a false representation of what the that particular sexual interest stands for. What is really a consensual act between willing partners, has been painted as abusive and participated in by weirdos. Look at it this way, BDSM is based on safewords, where the submissive partner lets the dominant one know when they have had enough. It certainly isn’t a case of beating someone to a pulp for kicks.
Man behind bars

A Troubling Case

Well, it seems someone should have told this asshole from Chicago who has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman in what prosecutors say was a re-enactment of the film.

After the 19 year old girl had agreed to go back to his university dorm, Mohammed Hossain tied her up, stripped her, and beat her until she was in tears.

He apparently gagged her and put a cap over her eyes.

According to the woman, they had been intimate before, although they weren’t officially dating.

Assistant Statement Attorney Karr said the woman told Hossain to stop and ‘began shaking her head and crying’.

But according to reports, Hossain continued to whip her and punched her repeatedly. At one point, Karr said, the woman managed to free her arms, but Hossain held them behind her back and continued attacking her.

The whole ordeal was said to have ended when Hossain’s roommate turned up.

At first, Hossain tried to stop the woman coming in, but whilst he was doing that, the attacked woman escaped.

Hossain later admitted the assault, and claimed it was inspired by the film which was released on Valentine’s Day.

He has now been charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault.
Prison cells

No Real Surprise

To be fair, it is no real surprise that people have misinterpreted BDSM after reading and watching that garbage. I will be honest; I only thought it would lead to the genre not being really understood. My Facebook timeline has inundated with people saying that BDSM is wrong, when in fact, it is perfectly normal, and as said previously, done by consenting adults who enjoy it. I expected that.

However, I never thought that you would get idiots misrepresenting it and attacking their partners. To be fair, I should have guessed that would happen.
I really hope that people do start reading up on what BDSM is about. It isn’t abuse of women, or men for that matter. Maybe some people should spend more time learning off the internet or in books, than watching third rate films and shitty novels?

It is all very, very sad.

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