Lesbian Couple of 72 Years Marry

It’s easy to believe that life is all doom and gloom at the moment, with the stories of people being attacked and the people caught for doing some very odd things in public. Here at Escort-Norway we love hearing the good news, and this story is truly heartwarming.

72 happy years

Two women in the 90’s have tied the knot after first becoming a couple in 1942… that’s 72 years ago! The women live in Iowa, a state that first allowed same-sex marriage in 2009, but after spending their lifetimes hiding the fact they were a couple, it’s easy to understand why they were reluctant.
Elderly woman smiles at camera
After a little persuasion, and a push from their close friends and family, the pair finally decided to go down the aisle and make it official as wife and wife.

Their relationship is now legal, meaning that they have legal standing with each other and can officially visit their partner in hospital and be part of their life.


For the women, it was difficult to come around to the idea of marriage. It seems they always wanted it, but when they first met it was unthinkable to even coming out as a couple. Marriage is something they didn’t ever believe was possible for them.

This story just goes to show how much society has changed, and how important it is that same-sex marriages can happen. There are many more couples who have been denied the right to love who they do, and this just goes to show that everyone can have a happy ending.

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Martin Ward

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