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There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a great passionate sex session and it ending because you popped the cork too soon. It happens, but it can be disappointing for both parties involved.
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Premature ejaculation happens to a lot of men, and it is still something you are all embarrassed about. You want to be like the stallions in porn with 12 inch dicks made of rock hard steel who can go for hours, but you start to panic you aren’t good enough.

The more you worry, the worse it gets. Take a few minutes to just sit down, relax, and read our tips to help you last longer in bed.

Panic stations!

If you’ve suffered an early end to sex before, you are going to worry about it happening again. The problem is, as soon as you start to panic about it, it is much more likely to happen as a result. It could even make you lose your erection altogether, which can lead your partner to thinking “so it isn’t him, it’s me”.

As soon as that voice starts in your head, telling you that you are going to cum straight away and leave your girlfriend hugely unsatisfied, ignore it. Instead, think of how amazing and confident you are going to be. You can last longer if you silence that voice in your head.

Take a deep breath and slow your thoughts down a little. Think, instead of ruining the moment, getting your partner to scream while she’s coming. If that is a little too intense, don’t be afraid to change things up.

Feel the Rhythm

Things often end too fast because we go too fast. Jack-hammer thrusting isn’t going to make her cum quicker, but it might make you.

Slow it down instead by exploring her body while you thrust. Biting her ear, kissing your way down her neck, and sucking on her nipples are good distractions for you, and you will naturally slow down to give yourself time to enjoy all of the teasing and licking you are doing to her.

When you are ready to speed things back up, the seven and nine method is a good way to keep a regular rhythm. Do 7 quick thrusts followed by 9 slow, and then repeat it over and over again until you are both done. Not only will it help you to slow down and enjoy the moment more, but it is a great way to tease your partner.
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Toys can help

Toys can be a big help to delay your orgasm and get your partner off.

Take the time to get your partner to cum first by using a vibrator on her. You can use it as part of foreplay to get her begging for your cock or you can use it while you take a break to keep the fun going for her.

You can also buy a condoms and cock rings that have a tight base ring. They might not look like they’ll do much, but the pressure put in just the right place is enough to let you last that little bit longer and still get your partner off, without feeling like there is anything in the way.

How do you deal with premature ejaculation? Post your solutions down below in the comment box or check out what others are suggesting over on the Escort Norway forum.

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