Illegal Strip Club Closed Down Because $2 Drinks ‘Too Expensive’

An illegal strip club in Virginia, USA, has been shut down after one of the people who attended it complained to the police. However, it wasn’t the hot action that got the place busted. Believe it or not, it was the price of the drinks that finished the place.

The complainant alleged that the drinks cost $2 dollars each, which was “expensive compared to other places.”

This was enough for the authorities to close the establishment, which was run out of the home of Sonya Fletcher.

A Number Of Charges

Fletcher, 36, and the man allegedly serving food and alcohol out of the house, 43-year-old Jeffrey Pope, were later arrested . They were both charged with misdemeanour’s, but Pope was killed two weeks later in a car crash.

Man with head on the bar, surrounded by drinks

According to the warrant, Fletcher used the house to throw parties in which she and several other women stripped for customers. 11 bottles of liquor, 16 cans of Bud Light, and two “marijuana roaches” were found at the property

Well, I went number of strip clubs when I was younger, and I would love to know which ones this guy has been frequenting for $2 drinks to be considered a rip off. There are certain places I have been, where if I get a drink for less that 10 euro I am doing well.

A Home To Drug Dealers

It seems that the police were keen to shut the place after hearing that it was frequented by drug dealers. One suspects that this was a case of finding a loophole to shut it permanently, with a number of charges for those involved, rather than a genuine belief that the place was ACTUALLY serving overpriced drinks.

I know when I go to Oslo, I like to see an Oslo escort. They can do a lapdance for me, I can get a drink with a number of them, and the police won’t be getting involved.

It seems a much better idea than hanging round a cop magnet establishment in Virginia. I certainly know which choice I would make!

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