How To Play With Breasts

Women’s breasts are the symbol of femininity by excellence. There are a range of different forms: big rounded boobs, small with a gap between each breast, or with the form of a pear among many others. However, there is no doubt that most men love this physical feature, and it’s one of the first things that awakes excitation for heterosexual males. This could explain why it’s very common to find men who play with the breasts crushing them like there isn’t tomorrow, and when women feel this, we ask ourselves what does he want to do with them? In brief, nobody is perfect.

woman with great breasts on bed

Because there is always room for improvement, and women enjoy the face of a man when he just discovers your tits, I made this guide which shows you how to stimulate women’s breasts. The fact is that it’s not complicated, and like anything else, the practice would turn you into a great breasts player. Who knows, you may increase the number of nipple orgasms in the world, and this seems to be a great idea.

Start step by step and you will hear moans

Despite the high level of excitation that a man could feel when he is about to discover the breasts of a woman, the best advice he could receive is to go step by step. It’s recommended not to rub them with your whole hand. Start to massage the breasts with one part of your hands, from their sides to the lower part. It’s recommended to do it very soft because a lot of women are ticklish in the lower zone, and pressure there could make her laugh and break her focus.

The key of breast playing is to go gradually because their sensitivity changes while you are playing with them, so it’s better to begin very softly and then, increase the intensity of the touches. Caress, lick and kiss her boobs, you will hear her moans, but you should keep calm and leave the best part for later: her nipples.

Conquer the top of her mountains

One of the reasons that explain why women love foreplay is because guys pay more attention to this part of female’s anatomy than other, and consequently, the breasts’ volume will grow as she reaches a higher level of excitation. You will see that the nipple becomes harder while you are playing with her breasts. This shows how horny she is, so it’s better to continue if you don’t want her to become frustrated.

From this moment, you can start to caress her nipples with your wet lips, give them soft touches with your lower lip. Then, you can lick her tits with the tip of your tongue, and try to not leave a trail of saliva behind you, as that could make her feel uncomfortable. Another idea for playing with her nipples is to bite them very softly, some women enjoy this sensation. So, once again, look at her reactions and you will see what works with her.

Naughty ideas to surprise her

Once you leave behind the preliminaries and start the sex play, don’t forget her breasts. They are a source of sensations, and there are things that could take your skills one step further. One of them is about adding cream or chocolate on her breasts. This could make her feel extreme pleasure as you eat from her boobs. However, talk with your partner before you pour on her this kind of food.

Another idea that both of you can debate is the use of breast sex toys like nipple suckers, nipple clamps or vibrators specific for these parts could be a great bet. Propose to her visit to some sex shops to have a look, and if she shows you enthusiasm, go for it! As soon as you start to practice with breast playing, you will become an expert. So, why don’t you look for the escorts of our website? Surely, a sexy lady could show you more secrets about nipples and boobs!

Stella McGregor

Stella McGregor

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