How To Give Her Multiple Orgasms

If you have every given a woman multiple orgams, you’ll know how good it feels. You get a real sense of achievement as you hear their moans get louder and their bodies move more and more against you. It is a huge turn on for you, and your partner will want to stick around to get more of them.
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However, some men find it a challenge to get her to multiple orgasms, while some women get far too sensitive and so have to stop the fun before they can enjoy a second orgasm. So what can you do to help her having multiple orgasms?

Relaxation is key

When you are working on giving her an orgasm, you want to make sure she is relaxed. It is the same when you are trying to give her multiple orgasms. After all, it is hard to have an orgasm if you are worrying about work you have to finish or if you have done all the things you needed to do that day.

You want to make sure your partner is relaxed, and one of the best ways to do that is to treat them. Run them a hot bath and give them a glass of wine to enjoy while they relax in the water.

You can use the time that they are in the bath to set up the bed. Put a nice and warm fluffy towel on the bed and get some oils ready so you can give them a massage, and put their favourite music on quietly in the background.

When they join you in the bedroom you can ask them to lie down on the bed, and with their favourite music in the background they will relax that little more. Take your time giving them a massage, starting at the very tips of their fingers and working your way in.

You really don’t have to use a lot of pressure to get them relaxed, and the slow and sensual touches will not only help her to relax but it will also turn her on.

Don’t rush to touch her pussy or tits though – save them for last when you are sure she is ready to start begging you for that attention.

Use what works for her

If your partner enjoys receiving oral sex and doesn’t feel uncomfortable for it, then that could be the key to getting them close to an orgasm.

As with the massage, you don’t want to rush it. Really take your time with it and enjoy what you are doing. Slowly, gentle kisses up their legs to their pussy lips will let them know what you are intending, and teasingly running your fingers around their clit will have them anticipating your every move.

You can give her an orgasm with oral if you want, but you might instead prefer to keep her right on the edge so that she is begging you to let her come. If that is what you want to do, stop when she is close and then move into her favourite sex position.

Some of the best positions for giving her orgasms are the ones that put her in control, so let her take charge. She can then bounce up and down on your cock for as long as she wants and get herself to come, and you can help by squeezing her tits and sucking the nipples.

When she has had an orgasm, tell her that you don’t want her to stop. Say that the sound her coming as you fuck her is turning you on and that you want to hear her have more. Use your fingers to tease her clit as she continues to move on you and keep giving her the attention she needs.

Listen to her

One of the big things that you need to remember to do is to listen to your partner, and we don’t just mean all of the moaning and groaning she’s doing that is turning you on.

For some women, after having one orgasm she will become very sensitive. Touching her clit or her nipples can actually cause her pain, so if she seems uncomfortable or asks you to stop then you should listen to her.

However, that doesn’t mean stop. Ask her what she’d like you to do instead. Does stroking her back help? Will kissing her neck keep her in the mood? Try out different things and gauge your partner’s reaction. Let her change positions if she wants to, as this will help to ensure you both have a fun time.

If you don’t get her to multiple orgasms the first few times, don’t despair. You can try again later, and your partner will be happy if you say to her “can I give your multiple orgasms?” at a later date. However, if you get her relaxed, give her enough attention, and let her take control, you can easily get her to multiples.

What is your favourite thing to do to drive your partner wild? Do you find it easy to give your partner multiple orgasms, or is it something you struggle with? You can let us know and tell us what you’d like to read about on the blogs by leaving a comment in the box below, or by visiting the Escort Norway forum.

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