How To Get A Great BJ… And Keep Getting Them!

There are women out there who are great at giving head. They know the exact places to lick your cock, to gently suck on your dick, and to squeeze with their hand to drive you wild with desire.

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However, there are also some who might not be so good at it, or they might be very reluctant to do it. That doesn’t stop you from wanting a great blowjob, so how do you get one and then keep getting them?

Keep it clean

You wouldn’t want to lick your partner’s pussy if it was dirty, and that is one of the big reasons that women don’t want to go near your penis. Lots of men don’t clean their cocks properly, and so your partner will get a mouth full of cock, sweat, and grime from around the penis. Definitely NOT a turn on.

If you really want to encourage your partner to do it, keep it clean. Shower regularly with warm soapy water, and make sure you roll the foreskin back, if you have it, to clean underneath.

You should also make sure you clean the hair around your penis, as sometimes fluff and dirt can gather there. You want to make it as pleasant for your partner as possible so they’ll do it again, so take a lot of time to clean it properly and you’ll get to enjoy some great head in the future.

Jaw ache

While some men will come within only a few minutes of getting oral, most take longer. They love the feeling of their partner’s lips on their cock, and want it to last as long as possible. Your partner will be down there, cock in their mouth, as they move their lips up and down your dick. As you can imagine, having their mouth in this position for a long time can lead to jaw ache. This makes it hard to continue and often means they want to stop before you finish so they can give their mouth a rest.

There are a few good ways around this. The first is to have sex first. You can enjoy the feeling of your cock in the tight pussy, and when you are getting closer give them a warning. They can then take your cock into their mouth and finish you off that way, so you get to enjoy the feeling of their mouth of your dick without the jaw ache for them.

Another way is to get them to suck you off for as long as you can, before they take your dick out of their mouth and finish you off by hand. You can enjoy the feeling of their lips wrapped tightly around your dick before you watch them get on their knees before you as you finish on their tits.

Tell them what works

For a woman there is nothing worse than going through the effort of giving a blowjob to your partner and getting nothing bad. We don’t expect you to tell us word for word how much you like our lips on the head of your penis, but giving us something is better than nothing.

Far too often, men will sit back with their hands behind their head as a woman sucks them off without making a noise. You might find it unmanly to moan or say their name as they do it, but it actually lets us know that we are doing a good job.

Instead of being silent, tell us what feels good. Moan when our tongue glides up the length of your penis, groan as our hand tightens around the base of your penis, and when you are getting close, say our name. It will turn us on and make us want to do it more, which is always great for you! Don’t be afraid to open your mouth and let us know what you really think of our skills, as it will help us figure out what works well for you and what you like us doing more than anything else.

Is getting a blowjob your favourite thing to do, or is there something else you like more in the bedroom? You can let us know in the comment box below, or by heading on over to the Escort Norway forum to see what others are saying.

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