How To Do The Ultimate Striptease

Foreplay in the bedroom is a lot of fun, but the best foreplay happens when you try to touch the other person as little as possible. Since we are usually in such a rush to rub our hands all over the body of our partner, the added thrill of being unable to touch them as they turn us on makes everything much more exciting, and one of the best ways to do this is with a sexy, slow, and sensual striptease.

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You get to watch as your partner slowly slips out of every item of clothing that they have on, dancing around in time to music and sometimes rubbing against you to try and drive you wild. They want to see if they can get you to give in and put your hands on them.

Doing a striptease isn’t as simple as putting on the radio and dancing around as you take your clothes off. There is an art to it, and here on Escort Norway we take a look at the things that you need to know in order to give the ultimate sexy striptease.

Moving to the beat

One of the most important parts of a striptease is the music. It sets the tempo and helps you keep in time, making sure you don’t rush through it. That is why it is essential that you choose music that you not only like, but one that you can easily follow.

When choosing music, you need to think about what makes you feel good and sexy. Some people prefer to go for music without any lyrics so that the focus is on them, but others might go for something that describes every little thing you are going to do with your body.

You might have spent a long time looking through your music library only to discover that you have nothing appropriate. Don’t panic, as you have the internet at your fingertips. Take a look on a video sharing site and look for striptease music. You might also find some videos with some tips on what you need to do next!

However, if you are still struggling, we suggest that the classic “Feelin’ Good” by Nina Simone might be perfect. This song starts off nice and slowly, giving you time to get into the music, and it is so well known that your partner will start wondering what you will do for the big bits of the song, helping to build the anticipation.

Getting the right outfit

The whole point of a striptease is to tease your partner as you slowly strip off your clothes. The clue is in the name, so we’ll start from the first layer and build up. So, what kind of lingerie will you be wearing?

The key for a great striptease is to have plenty of layers to take off, which is why wearing the full set of lingerie (bra, garter or suspender belt, stockings and panties) is perfect. You have more to take off and your partner can’t wait to see the rest of you.

Of course, it is important that you go for something that makes you feel good. Yes, you are teasing your partner, but there is no point in you putting on a set of lingerie they like if it doesn’t fit you properly or digs in at all of the wrong places. Stripping off a bra to reveal a red mark isn’t sexy, so choose something that makes you feel good. As for the colour, black is always a safe bet as it looks great on everyone.

When choosing something to go over the top, avoid things that need pulling over your head, or things that have a zip at the back. You want to tease your partner, not have him help you out of it. The whole point of the strip is to tease him without letting him touch you. Instead, go for a suit with a skirt. You can slowly unfasten the buttons and lift the skirt up to flash a little leg. You should also put your hair up with one or two clips, as you can then take the clips out and shake your hair out for that ultimate sexy moment.

Preparing your man

The preparation isn’t just for getting yourself reading. You also need to make sure your man is prepared for the ultimate treat you are going to give him, so start by having him sit down in a comfortable chair in the room you will perform your tease in. Maybe give him a drink to enjoy and have napkins to hand if he makes a mess while you dance.

Some men aren’t happy simply sitting back and watching, and they might want to get hands on. You might be fine with him throwing you over his shoulder when you’ve taken off your clothes, but you might want to keep him there longer. If so, take his tie off and use it to keep his hands together.

Something else that might come in handy is another chair. Place it far enough away from him that he can’t reach you, but so that he can see what is going on. You can use it as a prop for your dancing, but make sure it is sturdy so there aren’t any accidents!

The dance itself

Now for the striptease itself. When the music starts, you want to make sure you move slowly to the beat. That is why Nina Simone’s “Feelin’ Good” is the perfect choice, as the lack of music to accompany the words at the beginning gives you chance to slowly sway your hips and slide your hands over your body as you look at him in the chair.

Before you take off clothes, don’t be afraid to lift up your skirt and flash the top of your stocking at him. Bend over and tease a little cleavage, and as you take off the layers throw them to the side and out of the way. You don’t want to trip over them as you get more and more into it!

Slow is the key here, as it will drive him wild. When you are down to your underwear, sit on the chair and teasingly open your legs, before quickly closing them. He’ll want to see more, so stand up and turn your back on him. Look over your shoulder and keep eye contact with him as you take off your bra. Take every item of clothing off slowly, maybe even throwing it to him as a little souvenir. When you are wearing nothing at all except for your high heels and maybe even your stockings, that is when the rest of the fun can begin. Maybe sit yourself down in his lap and start to slowly move your hips on his rock hard cock straining through his clothes? It will drive him wild.

Are you a man who loves nothing better than a sexy striptease, or are you someone who has found the ultimate striptease song to share? Let us know in the comments below, or by visiting the Escort Norway forum.

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