How to Act Like a Pro When Seeing Escorts

For no reason, men are expected to know what to do when it comes to finding and meeting an escort. Well, they didn’t teach you that at school, did they? How can you know how to act in this situation if you are a newbie? Just relax, it’s absolutely normal to have no clue about what to do and how to do it.

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In the first place, let’s get things straight: escorts are women who make their living, just like any other woman who has a job to do. As many people, most escorts enjoy their work, but it also depends on the people who hire them.

So, be nice, BEHAVE! Treat escorts with respect! We live in a society that still judges our choices and ways of living. Yes, your options are also questioned by other people. Just treat the escorts like you want to be treated! Also, remember that the better the attitude the greater the time you spend with her!

Now that you have the correct attitude, you just need the lady! So, let’s find her!

It’s Time to Do Better Research than a Jealous Woman – Find an Escort!

If you are a newbie you probably feel lost just thinking about how to find a great escort. Well, read these tips and you’ll be ready to plan a perfect night for yourself.

Selecting a great escort in very important especially for “virgins” since the first time has an enormous impact on people, even if we are talking about the first escort experience. So, what to do? Go on our website, of course! You are not going to walk from location to location to find the perfect body with the dirtiest mind, are you?

Once you’ve decided what kind of date you want ( you can choose between escort dating, sexy massages or domination experience) you can start digging. In order to find the sexiest escort, you have to go through a bunch of pictures. To make things easier, you can personalize your search by choosing your exact location, the amount of money you want to spend, as well as what you are looking for.

After you clicked the search button, your result appears in front of you, and all you must do is click on the escort you like. Now go through her profile and learn more about her.

Does she have her photos verified? You probably want to know that since studio photos might get your penis hard when looking at them, but you risk to never meet the girl in the photos…Does she enjoy what you want her to do? Are there any reviews left by former clients? You can find all the answers on her profile!

Is She Classy & Sassy? – Call Her!

Do you think we’re done with the research? Well, you can choose now, but do you really want to make an appointment without receiving answers to ALL your questions? Keep in mind that most good escorts have lots of reviews from former clients, but there could be some amazing sexy service workers who lack the reviews because they are new on the website. You can be the first one to help them build their image!

How can you find out more about her, if there are no reviews? Well, the website also has a community, where you can get info from. Here, besides checking out what other members say about the escorts, you can post your own threads and ask people questions. And guess what? You can get to know “your future escort” on the forum, as well! This is actually a safe way to meet her and see if she is compatible with your deepest desires.

However, in order to post on the forum you may have to register. This won’t take too long, but you have to be a bit careful! Many people actually use their work email and their real name! OK, you can do that if you want, but depending on your job and your status, you might want to keep your hobbies to yourself.

NO, it’s not something to be ashamed of, but as I mentioned, the society we live in tends to feed people’s needs of judging others. Well, they judge girls for being too fat if they are not close to anorexia so, why shouldn’t they have something to say about your choices?

So keep your naughty business private and subscribe to our escort community with a different email than the one you use at work, or the one your wife has access to.

At this point, you should already know everything you need for making a decision! Pick the escort and stop looking at other pictures…for now, of course, because there are other things you must do, if you want to have the time of your life.

What’s next? You have to GIVE HER A CALL! If you discussed with her on the forum, talking on the phone might be easier. Anyway, you should just treat her like she is one of your mates. Speak calmly and casual! You’re doing everything right, so you don’t have to be nervous about it!

Also, keep it short! So, think about the date, time and length of your meeting before dialing her number. Then make the appointment and get off the phone!

Keep Your Body Clean and Your Mind Dirty- Get Ready!

You’ve learned how to find an escort and schedule an appointment. Now, if you wonder how to get ready and how to act when on the actual date, here are some more tips.

As mentioned above, you might be paying for services, but escorts are real women, and you are actually getting ready for a date with a girl. What does that mean? Just prepare for an escort exactly how you would prepare to meet a special date.

And yes, take a shower, shave, wear clean clothes, smell nice. This is how you expect her to be, right? Well, the feeling is mutual since at some point you will forget “the technical part” of this appointment and it’ll be nothing more than “boy meets girl, and girl meets boy”.

Feeling Nervous?

The big day came and you are nervous. Well, if it’s your first time, this is absolutely natural. But hey, don’t worry the escort will take good care of you, as long as you act like a real man!

So what does that mean? If you meet at your house, be a good host! Otherwise, BE ON TIME! Even if you are meeting for pleasure, it is still an appointment. And remember how you felt when the girls you dated were late. It’s very disrespectful!

Furthermore, you might want to have a drink to help you calm your nerves. But DON’T GET HAMMERED! If you turn up drunk, the escort has the right to refuse you, not only because of your alcohol smell, but also for her own well-being. And to be honest, alcohol might affect your ability to perform and you don’t want that, do you?

Another rule about dating an escort is referring to safety. What I mean is USE PROTECTION, and if she is up to loving you without a condom, you should definitely refuse. Escorts are usually tested and clean…because they protect themselves!

As mentioned, think about this meeting as a date, because this is what it actually is. So, treat her like a woman should be treated: with RESPECT AND CONSIDERATION.

Last, but not least, remember that you are not in a store, so don’t get your money out in order to give it to her. Be a gentleman and, after counting the cash, put it in an envelope and hand it to her, or, even better place it in a place easy to be seen from the beginning.

Now, you know how to plan your sexy rendezvous from the beginning until the actual date. So, once you completed all the steps, you just have to forget about the “logistics”, relax, concentrate on the “boy meets girl” part and have lots of fun!

Anna Smith

Anna Smith

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Anna Smith

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