The Ultimate Guide to Pleasuring Breasts

There are big, small, asymmetric, natural, botl-ons, sagging, round…there are as many boob types as days in a yearly calendar, however, there will never be enough! Tits are one of the things that drive us crazy the most, but, are you aware of the amazing weapon you, literally, have in your hands? Knowing how to properly pleasure breasts can make her feel in heaven as women can actually get a real orgasm with nipple stimulation. It is scientifically proved that there are hundreds of nerve endings connecting boobs and the clitoris. In fact, a recent study from Cosmopolitan says that 29% of women have felt or will feel nipple orgasms during their lives.

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Wouldn’t you like to be the unforgettable person who gave her an orgasm without even touching her pussy? If so, don’t you lose any of these tips:

1. Good things come to those who wait

Please, don’t go directly to her like a farmer willing to milk a cow. Be smooth, patient, and overall, be the worst teaser. Don’t take off her bra yet. Go all around the boob area, touch her ribs and keep on going up (firmly, we don’t want to tickle her). Touch her tits over the bra and pass your finger through her cleavage, keep on going with your full hand and get to her neck in a dominant and sexy way and start kissing her passionately. Now you can put your hands on her back and unfasten her bra. If you feel her shyly moaning, you are on the right path.

2. A pleasure to share

Let her realize you love what you are doing. This is essential in any activity liable to make her feel ashamed (e.g. oral sex). Telling her how much you like her will turn her on, but just a sexy look will be enough to make her feel attractive and desired. It is very important to show how much you are enjoying, yourself no worries, this will never make you look wimpy, but irresistible.

3. Boobs aren’t just nipples

Even though nipples have most of the nerve endings, you need to exert yourself a little before reaching the top of the mountain. Try not to leave any of the boobs completely alone, even if you are concentrating yourself on one, try to caress and give some warm to the other one. First, softly touch her boob with your fingers, admire them, go all over and finally use your whole hand to grab them a little bit stronger. Now your mouth will be very welcomed to the party. Let your lips caress its skin and start kissing them. Then, and here comes an important part, start experimenting with her nipples, from the softest touch to the wildest. You will know when and how to stop thanks to her attitude. Pay attention to her way of breathing, moaning and moving, and you will have the directions to follow.

4. Get yourselves comfortable

There’s not accounting for tastes, nor for positions. Even though being on top can be more pleasant for her (as the blood would go down and make her boobs more sensitive), having her at the bottom has also its advantages. She can be completely relaxed and you will have all the power. A good tip for this position is placing yourself in between her legs and even without penetration stimulate her clit with little movements.

Apart from these tips there is a whole universe you can experiment using those two beauties. Why not try toys? Vibrators can really stimulate her nipples, and if you feel wilder, you can go for some sweet whipping or nipple clips. This will make you both completely horny and it is a fantastic moment to try a Russian.

However, if you feel like having a more romantic moment, the use of warm and cold oils and food play are always really good ideas. Just get yourselves comfortable and communicative and let the games begin!

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Martin Ward

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